5 Reasons Why Men Behave Badly And How To Stay Away From The Ones Who Do

Ladies, have you been in a situation like this?

Not all women are lucky enough to get relationships right the first time. A lot of women will have to go through the unfortunate experience of being with a man who is just bad news. There are plenty types of bad men and they can each carry very distinct personalities but there are also some very universal characteristics that you can find in these men. A common thread that girls in relationships with bad men will have is that they are always left emotionally unfulfilled and at times, emotionally manipulated. A lot of these men will be very hot and cold. They will be charming and nice enough to keep the girl on her leash, but they will also be constantly diabolical to the point where the girl constantly finds herself questioning the relationship as a whole.

They are masters at keeping their women on the leash. They have the uncanny ability to make women feel absolutely miserable and also helpless at the same time. They give their women just enough good parts to keep them interested, but then they will start to act cold the moment they manage to reel their women in.

Oftentimes, the women who are victimized by these types of men will end up thinking that they’re the problem. They will think that there is something about their personality that they need to fix. They very rarely come to the early realization that they are being manipulated by a terrible and horrible human being. That is why women must always be vigilant and wary of mean manipulative men who are looking to torment them in the relationship. They always need to stay guarded and keep a close watch on their heart so that they never end up getting abused.

In order for women to protect themselves, they first need to understand why a lot of men act this way. What makes them tick? What are the factors that drive them to act the way that they do? These women have to take the spotlight off of their own selves and focus entirely on the men. They have to understand that they are not the problem, and that it’s the men who need to be analyzed and understood. Here are some driving factors as to why these horrible men treat women so terribly.

1. These men need more time to grow up and develop into more mature individuals.

They are immature little boys who don’t understand what being in a relationship really means. They are just kids who don’t know how to properly treat women. They have lots to learn and go through before they can be really ready for a relationship. For the moment, they have very infantile understandings of romance and relationships. They don’t tend to take things too seriously, and they don’t fully grasp the gravity of their actions. They have little regard for the emotions of other people because empathy is an attribute they have yet to develop.

2. They see the dating atmosphere as a game where girls are objects and points.

This is the common mentality of high-school boys. They think they can boost their popularity and self-worth with the amount of women they can accumulate. They treat love as if it were a game and women are prizes to be acquired. They treat romantic conquests as if scores are involved. But strangely, to them, this is a game without rules, and they don’t really care about anything else other than winning the game. They think that successfully being able to manipulate women places them on a ranking that is higher than their peers when in fact, it just makes them low-life scum. – Continue reading on the next page

3. These men are so insecure about their own lives so they want to deflect their insecurities unto other people.

Some men can be so insecure about their own personal placement in life, and so they have to put other people down in order to feel better about themselves. They are failures in life, and they don’t like the path that they are on, and so they make it a point to make sure that other people are miserable like them. It’s common knowledge that misery loves company. They try to pass their own misery unto their women but in the end, everyone just becomes miserable and no good ever comes out of it.

4. It’s an ego-booster for them to be able to keep women on a leash.

In relation to the previous item, a lot of men will just treat their women as personal ego-boosters. For some strange reason, they think it adds value to their life if they are able to manipulate women the way that they do. They think that it is a perfectly natural way to go about life regardless if people’s feelings are getting hurt.

5. They are natural sadists, and they like watching other people suffer because of their actions.

They are attracted to suffering. Plain and simple, there is something wrong in their heads. They are borderline psychopaths who find joy in the pain and suffering of other people and they will stop at nothing to satisfy their weird emotional fetishes.

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