5 Reasons You Don’t Have To Feel So Bad About Being Single

Being single is NOT a bad thing!

This is not going to be an attempt to bombard your brain with superficial topics in an effort to make you feel better about living that single life. There is value in you being single, and there’s nothing superficial about it. You can find lots of depth and meaning in living life as a single person. If you play your cards right; if you don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingertips, then living the single life could be the absolute best thing to ever happen to you. 

There is just too much stigma and negativity attached to the person who seems to be living a perpetually single life. It’s just unfair and downright misplaced. Sure, your all of your friends are getting into loving relationships and they can seem like they’re really happy. But that doesn’t mean that happiness and joy are merely mutually exclusive to people in relationships. You are still very much free to pursue and attain happiness in your own right. You have so many positive aspects to your current situation, and you don’t have to always think of yourself as someone who is living a sad and unfulfilling life. There are plenty of things in your life for you to be happy about and to be thankful for. 

If you need a little reminder of why you should still be happy in your life as a single person, then here you go:

1. You have all of your priorities in line

You don’t care about all of the peer pressure. You don’t care that all of your friends are getting into relationships all over the place. If an opportunity for a good relationship comes for you, then great. But if not, you’re not going to force the issue. You’re just going to sit patiently and wait for the right kind of love to come along. You aren’t going to lower your standards on love just so you can escape the single life. You aren’t going to force your way into a relationship that’s not right for you just for the sake of it. 

2. You have more time to heal from previous heartaches and heartbreaks. 

The time that you get to spend as a single person can be beneficial to you. You can use this time to just heal from any previous heartaches or disappointments that relationships have given you in the past. A failed relationship can be very emotionally traumatizing for a person. And sometimes, the best way to get over the pain of a failed relationship in the past is to just stay out of relationships for a while. Take this time to build yourself up back to a place where you are emotionally ready to take on the stresses of a new relationship with another person. 

3. You get to devote more time on yourself. 

You have all of this newfound time and you have to be using it wisely. What better way to make use of all your extra time than by using it on yourself? When you get into a relationship with a person, then your time isn’t necessarily just your own anymore. You have to constantly take your partner into consideration when you want to make plans for yourself. But now that you’re single, you can do whatever you want. It’s okay for you to be selfish. You have no one else you would feel compelled to share your time with. 

4. You will learn how to be more independent and strong.

Since you will be forced to be alone, you will also be forced to try to figure out the skills that are necessary to navigate life by yourself. You won’t have anyone else you can rely on to take care of you and that’s always a liberating feeling. You can take full responsibility for yourself and you will never have to depend on another person to help take care of you anymore. You will be confident enough to go after all of your wants and your needs on your own. 

5. You have more time to prepare yourself for the relationship that you’re deserving of.

Relationships are all about readiness and compatibility. Maybe the reason relationships have never worked for you in the past is because you just weren’t ready for them. You can utilize the time that you have now as a single person to actually prepare yourself for the love that you crave for so badly. And so whenever love decides to come around, then at least you will be ready for it when it does. 

So remember that living the single life isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can only be bad if you let it be bad. Make sure to always make the most out of the opportunities that life is going to throw your way. When you do so successfully, happiness and fulfillment are going to find you regardless of whether you’re single or not. 

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