5 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With The Girl Who Seems Like She Doesn’t Care

Maybe this girl doesn’t brush her hair often or when she sees a muddy puddle she jumps into it instead of making sure her Jack Rodgers doesn’t get messed up by the water. Maybe she is the kind of girl who doesn’t care about having a plan, a perfect pedicure, or even having a boyfriend. When you see this kind of girl, notice her even though she doesn’t fight for attention like most girls.

1. She doesn’t take too much time to get ready to go out.

She doesn’t obsess over how she looks. And so, you won’t have to worry about her taking a million years to get ready before you guys go out on a date. She really knows how to value time, and she won’t want to waste any of yours.

2. She is most likely to be up for any kind of adventure.

A girl who is easygoing is a girl who is going to be up for anything. You are going to get to explore so many facets of the world with her. You are going to go through so many new experiences with her. She isn’t going to be afraid of getting her hands dirty. She isn’t going to be afraid of putting herself outside of her comfort zone.

3. She is going to give just as much into the relationship as you are.

She isn’t going to shy away from the amount of work that it will take to make the relationship last. She isn’t going to be interested in being coy. She won’t care about making herself look like a girl who is foolishly in love. She won’t care about coming across as overeager or aggressive. If she wants to be with you, then she’s going to fight to be with you. It’s just as simple as that. She isn’t going to be shy about putting in the necessary effort to sustain a romantic relationship with you. That’s not a challenge that is going to faze her one bit.

4. She doesn’t need constant flattering or validation.

She is the kind of woman who knows what she’s worth. She understands what her strengths and weaknesses are. She knows what she brings to the table, but she also knows that there is room for growth. Sure, she might have her fair share of insecurities and doubts as well. She’s going to have her little fears. But she is never going to allow them to gain control over her. She isn’t going to rely on you for her sense of self-worth. She is a very confident woman who knows that she has lots to offer. And she isn’t going to need you to help her feel good about herself. She is fully capable of doing so on her own.

5. She doesn’t actually NEED to be with you.

At the end of the day, you’re not going to be getting a girl who needs you. You aren’t going to be getting into a relationship with a girl who is going to hang on your every word. You aren’t going to be with a girl who is going to depend on you for her survival. Nope. She isn’t going to be a needy girl because she doesn’t need you in her life at all. But that’s the thing. Just because she doesn’t need you doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want you in her life. And that’s great. Because you know that she isn’t loving you out of necessity. She isn’t loving you because she needs to. She doesn’t love you just because she thinks that that’s what she has to do. She is choosing to love you. She is making a conscious choice to love you every day. And it’s all because her feelings are real. And she doesn’t want to live a life without you even though she could.

The girl who doesn’t care is the one who really doesn’t lose sleep over the pointless and meaningless things. She really doesn’t stress over the little things and the unimportant aspects of life. She is the kind of girl who is only going to focus on the most important things in the relationship. She is wise and discerning. She is really going to be mature and easy to deal with. She is so easygoing and she’s great to be around. She is the kind of girl who isn’t going to spend more time on her hair than she does on her personality. She is the kind of girl who isn’t going to obsess over how she looks if she knows that she doesn’t’ have anything else to offer beyond what she looks like. She is a great girl who is really not going to waste too much time on the unimportant matters in life; and if you manage to get a girl like her, then you really shouldn’t let her go.

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  1. I love love love this article! The girl who doesn’t care is me! And everything is spot on. I especially loved the part that said she isn’t with you out of necessity, she’s with you because she wants to be. To the fellas: READ THIS ARTICLE and stop stressing your woman out! SHE REALLY LOVES YOU ❤️

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