5 Red Flags That Your Partner Is a Narcissist

Narcissism defines a behavior where people are self-centered and focused on self-inflation. It’s a personality disorder in which people think extremely highly of themselves and don’t empathize with other people’s feelings and needs.

Maintaining a long and healthy relationship with a narcissistic person is nearly impossible. While it may last for a while in some cases, a narcissist is unable to sustain a healthy connection with anyone, especially if their partner knows their value and won’t tolerate toxic behavior.

Narcissists have an excessive sense of self-importance and lack empathy for others. They prioritize themselves and don’t genuinely care for their partner’s feelings or needs. In a successful relationship, both partners should give and take, but a narcissist tends to focus solely on what they can gain, disregarding their partner’s worth and emotions.

How to Identify Narcissists – Signs & Symptoms

Narcissistic people often make others, especially their partners, feel like they are too much or too less and don’t appreciate them for what they really are. They would intentionally or unintentionally seek attention from people around them all the time and won’t pay heed to others’ feelings. They are more judgmental than kind and manipulate people into thinking they are the problem.

In the long run, such a one-sided relationship is destined to fail and end in disaster, as it lacks the mutual respect and consideration necessary for a healthy partnership.

Here are the five red flags that indicate your partner might be a narcissist.

They Seem Too Good to be True at First

In the early stages of the relationship, a narcissistic partner may seem like a perfect match. They give you lots of attention, affection, and compliments, making you feel like you’ve found your ideal partner. However, be careful during this phase as it could be a warning sign of potential problems in the future.

They Think They’re Superior to Others

Narcissists think very highly of themselves and believe they are better than others. They often look down on those they consider inferior and may belittle or act condescendingly towards them. If your partner frequently puts others down or behaves in a condescending manner, it might be a sign of narcissistic tendencies.

They Never Accept Blame or Apologize

A significant warning sign of a narcissistic partner is their inability to accept responsibility for their mistakes. They avoid admitting fault and rarely offer genuine apologies. Instead, they may shift the blame onto others or manipulate the situation to make themselves look faultless. If your partner struggles to take responsibility for their actions, it could be a sign of narcissistic behavior.

They Fish for Compliments

Narcissists constantly seek validation and admiration from others. They often fish for compliments, and their self-worth heavily relies on the praise they receive. If your partner is constantly seeking attention and admiration, it might be a sign of narcissistic behavior.

They Gaslight You

Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic used by narcissists to make you doubt your perception of reality. They twist facts, deny events, and make you question your memory or sanity. If your partner regularly undermines your thoughts and feelings, be cautious, as it could be a sign of gaslighting behavior.

  1. Hello, i do believe my partner is a narcissist, but she does bot have all 5 characters you posted. She does apologize for a mistake she makes though she makes very sure she doesn’t make any mistakes. Recently i discovered that she has been manipulating me and making me feel that i am making all the mistakes and making me believe and doubt myself.
    She does like compliments and always asks me for them. How can i make sure she is a narcissist and what should i do?

  2. Marriage is a serious commitment to both parties on staying loyal and devoted to each other until the very end.

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