5 Shocking Reasons Why Men Lose Interest After Sensual Relations

Were they purely into the physical aspect?

Have you ever experienced having a man just plainly lose interest in you immediately after you guys do it for the first time? If the answer is yes, and you feel completely sad about it, then maybe it would help you to know that it’s not a very rare phenomenon. This scenario has plagued many relationships with so many different kinds of couples in the past and it’s something that a lot of women have grown to expect with men. It’s usually the same process. Girl meets boy and he puts the moves on her. He acts very charming, gentlemanly, kind, genuine, and thoughtful. He makes her believe that he’s genuinely pursuing her for all of the right reasons. She gives in and they both have sexual relations. But after a night of hot passions and deep intimacy, it’s as if he adopts a new identity. He starts acting completely differently from the way he typically asks. It’s as if his soul chose to leave his body and he’s suddenly been inhabited by another spirit. He stops responding to her text messages. He stops picking his phone up for calls from her. Gradually, he will ease himself out of her life until she completely loses track of where he is. He goes off the grid and she will be left totally lost and confused.

This is a fairly common relationship scenario, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t peculiar behavior. A lot of girls are still in the dark as to why some men act this way. And when they’re in the dark, it can be hard for them to prepare for whenever they find themselves as the victims in these kinds of situations. If you have been victimized in this manner while in a relationship before, then you probably want answers. You need the closure that you never got from him so that you can finally move on and so you can start to protect yourself better. To help you understand why some men make like Houdini and disappear after having sex with you, you have to go through the various reasons that are listed here in this article. Some of these may come as a shocker but, at least you will be keeping yourself informed s you can brace yourself better in the future.

1. He was in it purely for the sex.

To get the obvious out of the way first, you have to consider the possibility that sex was really his end goal. He had nothing else planned for the both of you at all. He wasn’t thinking about having a long-term relationship with you. He didn’t plan on dating you or getting emotionally attached to you. As harsh and as cruel as it may seem, maybe he just wanted to get into your pants and leave. Some men are despicable like that and that’s why you have to stay more guarded.

2. He didn’t find you as interesting and as compelling as you thought he did.

Then, there are some guys who have good intentions at first, but then slowly grow to realize that you aren’t really what they’re looking for. That’s a normal part of dating and that’s the risk you run when you’re looking to fall in love with someone. Sometimes, you are attractive to people and sometimes, you aren’t. You have to brace yourself for this reality if you’re going to continue to date other men.

3. He realized that your relationship didn’t have the kind of chemistry he thought it had.

Sex can be a very telling aspect of the chemistry and intimacy in a relationship. If he somehow felt like your rhythm and your chemistry was off during your first sexual experience, then it is highly likely that is what turned him off to the idea of dating you more.

4. He got intimidated by your level of emotional involvement and dependence after you guys had sex.

This happens a lot especially to men. Remember that it takes so much longer for men to get emotionally attached to relationships than women. A lot of men don’t want themselves to get too vulnerable with other people too quickly and that can be bad for women who get attached a little hastily. If after you had sex, you acted a little too clingy and dependent, you might have ended up scaring him off. Some guys just aren’t cut out for taking things too fast in a relationship.

5. He realized that you just weren’t meant to be together.

Sometimes, the timing of it can be strange. And you can be led to assume that he left you just because you guys had sex. But sometimes, the sex is merely coincidental. You have to consider the possibility that your relationship fell under the category of those that just weren’t meant to last. If he isn’t at your side anymore, maybe it’s because he was never meant to be there at all.

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