5 Signs He’s Built For Long-Term Love And 5 Signs That He’s Only Built For A Short Fling

If he’s not in it for the long-term, is he even worth it?

It would be weird for any self-respecting adult to deliberately waste time on relationships that are just doomed to fail. In this life, we might be bound to go through phases of experimentation with certain kinds of people when it comes to dating. But ultimately, the goal is to land ourselves in a relationship with someone who we can actually spend the rest of our lives with. And that’s why it’s very important for us to be able to tell whether someone is right for us or not. And that can be particularly difficult in the early stages of a relationship.

Remember that in relationships, there are so many emotions that are involved – and a lot of times, our feelings can often cloud our judgement. We become invested in people and our biases will lead us to believing that we’re meant to be even when reality says otherwise. And it can all be very confusing, but you just really have to be able to set your biases aside and take a long hard look at the man you’re with and the relationship that you’re in together. Through it all, the one question that you have to continuously be asking yourself in your relationship is this: is the man that you’re with the one that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with?

If the answer is yes, then that’s good. Cherish that love and continuously work on it every day. Never take it for granted and make sure that you nurture it to the best of your abilities. And if the answer is no, well, then you already know what to do. You have to be able to walk from that situation.Sometimes, it can be really hard to tell when a guy is just into you in the moment or if he’s really into you for the long haul. And its important that you are able to tell the difference to keep yourself from wasting time and getting hurt.

1. He’s long-term material if he makes it a point to always portray his best self whenever he’s with you.

He constantly wants to impress you. He wants to make sure that you always stay attracted to him. He wants to try his best to be a genuine gentleman with you. He always treats you with respect and he always has good manners.

2. He’s short fling material if he doesn’t make an effort to introduce you to the closest people in his life.

He doesn’t really integrate you into his life because he doesn’t really think that you’re going to be sticking around for too long anyway.

3. He’s long-term material if he is willing to talk about the future with you.

He sees a genuine future with you and he doesn’t shy away from discussing plans for your relationship. He knows that you both have something special and that you’re both going somewhere.

4. He’s short fling material if he drops hints or if he tells you that he’s not looking for anything serious.

He’s dropping hints about his non-committal nature; and not even you will be enough to change his mind about that.


5. He’s long-term material if he opens up about his feelings and dreams to you.

It’s always a good sign if he lets himself be vulnerable with you. It shows that he trusts you enough to open up to you about his feelings – about the most intimate aspects of his life.

6. He’s short fling material if he doesn’t really pay attention to your needs and feelings.

He never makes you feel like you are free to express yourself. He is always so dismissive of the things that you want to get off your chest. He wants you to feel like you don’t matter much to him.

7. He’s long-term material if he makes time for you despite his busy schedule.

Time is something we only ever afford to those who are important to us. And if he’s readjusting his schedule for you, it’s because he wants to spend as much time with you as possible.


8. He’s short fling material if all he wants to do is get busy in the bedroom.

He is only using you for the sexual pleasures that you give him. Sure, he gives you a lot of praise in the bedroom. But outside of it, he barely acts like he even knows you.

9. He’s long-term material if he only has eyes on you.

He sticks to you and only you. You don’t find him going around flirting with other women. He doesn’t cheat on you. He doesn’t have affairs with other girls. To him, it’s you. And there’s no one else his heart is willing to make space for.

10. He’s short fling material if he always lies to you and deceives you.

A man who is serious about being with you is a guy who is going to always be honest with you. And so if he still thinks that it’s okay to lie to you, then he isn’t really into you.

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