5 Signs He’s Interested In You And 5 Signs He’s Putting You In The Friend Zone

Do women get friendzoned too? ?

There are very few universal truths in the world. But there is just no denying the fact that all relationships – no matter who you are or who you’re with – are always so complicated. Human life in itself is very complex and deep. And when you get two human beings who are interacting with one another, it just complicates the situation all the more. This is especially true in the realms of romantic relationships. There are just so many things at stake with romantic relationships – and so the pressure can really have significant effects on the people involved.

Given the many complex natures of relationships, this article is going to focus on one particular aspect of relationships that is gaining substantial popularity these days: the friend zone. A lot of us would never want to find ourselves in the friend zone in relation to the people we have romantic interests with.

When we develop a romantic liking for someone, we want to make sure that they can see us in a romantic light as well. If they put us in the friend zone, it can be very difficult to claw our way out from that. Being put in the friend zone is essentially a capping of the nature of your relationship. It’s a ceiling that you’re going to have to break through; and not many are able to do so.

So, if you happen to find yourself in the friend zone, it’s better for you to just accept your fate and move on. But a lot of times, a lot of us can be in denial about being placed in the friend zone. We can let our desperation trick us into believing that we actually have something special with this person even when we don’t.

And that can be dangerous because we are only setting ourselves up for heartbreak by letting our feelings get the better of us. So how do you know if you’re ACTUALLY in the friend zone or not? Well, here are a few signs that you could be on the lookout for:

1. He is interested in you if he plans a real date with you.

If he’s making a genuine effort in planning dates with you, then you know he’s interested. He knows that dates will allow you two to get really intimate with one another – in ways that you would never really get to in everyday life.

2. He puts you in the friend zone if he only hangs out with you in group settings.

He doesn’t really want to be alone with you. He isn’t interested in being alone with you at all. The only times you ever really hang out is during group settings. That’s the only kind of quality time you ever have together.

3. He is interested in you if he consistently consults you before he makes plans for himself.

He doesn’t want to make any plans without consulting you first. He wants to make sure that you are included in his future – and that’s why he always waits to consult you before he solidifies any of his plans.

4. He puts you in the friend zone if he asks you for advice about dating other girls.

He’s making it clear to you that he’s interested in other girls. He doesn’t know that he might be hurting you by asking you this because he only really sees the two of you as friends.

5. He is interested in you if he gets really touchy with you.

He is subtly dropping hints with how comfortable he is with you. He is letting you know that you can always feel safe and secure with him. He always has your back.

6. He puts you in the friend zone if he tells you that he loves you like a sister.

This is beyond the friend zone. This is the SISTER ZONE.

7. He is interested in you if he acts jealous whenever you flirt with other guys.

Of course, he wants you all to himself. That’s why he’s acting all weird and jealous whenever he sees that you’re interested in other men. He doesn’t like the threat of losing you to other guys.

8. He puts you in the friend zone when he uses you as a wingwoman.

He uses you as a wingwoman. He uses you as some kind of tool to get to another girl. He might use you to connect him to another woman – perhaps a friend that you might know.

9. He is interested in you if he goes out of his way to do things for you.

He wants to do whatever he can to make your life as easy and as happy as possible. He would bend over backwards for you. He would do things for you – things that he would never do for just anyone.

10. He puts you in the friend zone when he sees someone else instead.

Obviously, he’s not romantically interested in you because he’s already interested in someone else. Don’t worry, honey. There are plenty of other fish in the seas; as they say.

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  1. Every woman goes into the friend zone, because that’s the only zone I have. I’m not interested in hanging out, dating, talking to you, kissing you, touching you, or having sex. We can be friends, but the second you want more we’re through. I do not trust woman AT ALL and will never allow one into my life. I have my reasons, and yes you are all the same.

  2. Well that’s a little close minded don’t you think? What if you’re wrong and we’re not all the same? You could potentially be missing out on something really great because clearly some other women hurt you so where along the line. Be a little more open minded and don’t hold what one women did to you against the rest of us.

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