5 Signs He’s Marriage-Material And 5 Signs You Should Dump Him ASAP

If a man happens to make a girl fantasize and daydream about spending the rest of her life with him, then he may be a serious candidate to be her husband. If a guy happens to make a girl feel like she’s a mother who has to look over a toddler every time she’s with him, then maybe he isn’t so ready for marriage just yet.

Remember this, ladies: just because you’re in love with him doesn’t mean that he’s going to make a great husband to you. There are many factors that you have to consider before you actually decide on marrying someone.

Marriage is a big step. And if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you only want to get into a romantic relationship with someone for the sole purpose of eventually marrying them.

That’s the only way that you can ensure yourself of a future filled with love and companionship. If you happen to be with a relationship with a guy who you can definitely imagine spending the rest of your life with, then you need to fight like hell to make sure that you don’t let him go.

But if you notice that the guy you’re with might not be so cut out for marriage after all, maybe it would be best for you to just let him go.

The key is in being able to figure out the difference. Sure, it might be difficult to let someone go especially if you’re in love with them.

But if he’s just not going to be cut out for being your husband, then you are only setting yourself up for further disappointment by placing your hopes in him.

If you find out that he isn’t going to be the guy you walk down the aisle for, then you should probably just dump him right then and there. Here are a few signs that you need to marry him and a few signs that say you need to get rid of him.

1. Marry him if you feel like you can talk to him about anything.

It’s always great when you are with someone who makes you feel like you can talk to him about absolutely anything. You always want a partner with whom you can freely express yourself without feeling like you will be judged or criticized.

2. Dump him if he’s afraid of commitment.

If he’s a guy who shows a natural aversion to commitment, then you might want to reconsider being with him at all. A guy who can’t commit is definitely a guy you can’t have a long-term relationship with.

3. Marry him if he brings out the best in you.

You know that it’s a very positive sign if he happens to bring out the best in you. You always want a partner who actually encourages you to be the best possible version of yourself. This is someone who is able to take you to new heights.

4. Dump him if he treats you like his mom.

You want to be in a marriage with a real PARTNER and not a toddler. He can’t be expecting you to always be picking up after him. You shouldn’t allow yourself to marry someone who thinks that you’re his nanny.

5. Marry him if his respect for you is always consistent.

You can’t possibly expect to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you. That’s why it’s always good that you are with someone who treats you right; someone who doesn’t do anything to damage your dignity or sense of self-worth.

6. Dump him if he emotionally exhausts you all the time.

A man who is emotionally exhausting to be with might be a toxic guy with a toxic personality. And you always want to be distancing yourself from toxic personalities.

7. Marry him if he loves you in spite of your flaws and imperfections.

You always want to be with a guy who gives you the kind of love that you are always deserving of – the unconditional kind. He loves you regardless of whatever flaws and imperfections that your personality might have.

8. Dump him if he exhibits inconsistency with you.

You never want to be marrying someone who is inconsistent with you. You don’t want to be with someone you can’t really count on to be there for you because of how sporadically they show up in your life.

9. Marry him if he talks about the future with you.

A guy who talks about the future with you is definitely a guy who takes your relationship seriously. He is someone who seeks a real future with you and that’s a guy you can always rely on.

10. Dump him if your gut is telling you that something is off about him.

And sometimes, your instincts will know better than any of us. If your gut is just telling you that something is off, then maybe it would be best for you to pay attention.

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