5 Signs He’s Taking You for Granted

In this world and age, we have to face the monstrous unsavory truth that no matter what you do or accomplish for someone, there will always be people who will take you for granted. They will make you feel insufficient and unworthy of their love. You can get water from the moon from them but they will always have a bad demeanor towards you.В

When you start to pull away, they will suffocate. You will be like the air around them; people only understand what kind of a blessing it is until there’s none left for them to inhale. In that moment, you will truly understand that you were not unworthy of anything but it was their inadequacies that made you feel so. You always deserved something much better.

I want to look you in the eye and tell you that no one has the right to treat you this way. Our hearts already have to bear the brunt of our fragile insecurities; they don’t need more pain and suffering from someone who is expected to comprehend our fears.

Here are sure signs that your boyfriend is taking advantage of your extra care and love.

1. You are not his priority

I have seen a lot of people in my life who are always working hard, without having any time to spend with their family and friends. These kinds of people always make up for lost time on weekends or off days.

They always have a genuine reason for their absence, and then there are people who will be dozing off on their bed, without even bothering to return your texts. It is quite unfortunate that lying in the bed for a few more minutes is more important to them than reciprocating someone’s love.

2. He will make you feel desperate

Desperation is something that can make a person feel so inferior. He will make you beg when you are offering him love, and this will show that there is something wrong in his head. Maybe he is under the impression that love is being sold in every street for a mere penny, but is it really? Love seeks out to you only once or twice in a lifetime. A person who doesn’t respect the sacred bond of love, love tends to make a habit of passing by them without even giving a stare.

You are giving him extra care and attention, and instead of realizing your efforts and tending to your needs, he ignores you. He has no interest in anything you have to offer. If he’s really not into you anymore, he should be honest with you but instead, he’s hanging you by a thread as you stare into an ocean of sorrow and regret.

3. Booty calls

He treats you like you don’t mean anything to him all day and suddenly his hormones start to sizzle, and love just seems to appear out of nowhere. It’s just like Spiderman showing up out of nowhere in Captain America’s new trailer.

He only wants sex and that is where you need to be careful. You can’t let someone take advantage of you just because they want to fulfill their own sexual desires. You are not something that he can just use and throw away. If he wants a piece of your naked body, he needs to satisfy your naked soul first.

4. He is selfish


Relationships are built on sacrifice and compromise. He always acts like a child who always wants to get his way on stuff you want dearly. He will start to make a mountain out of a molehill on matters which should not even matter in the first place. He will always be ready to start a quarrel with you and make you feel like you’re the one who’s at fault. The blame game never ends for him. It just goes on and on.

You’re trying to be polite and you’re constantly trying your best to overlook such rude behavior but trust me, he will never stop as long as you make him realize that you are not some toy that he can just break whenever he wants. He does not own you in any way. All he does is take you for granted all day because he knows that no matter what he does, you will always try to fix things despite the fact that you are the one who needs someone to tend to your broken heart.

5. He doesn’t compliment you or appreciates your efforts

You are always looking for ways to please him. You try to cook something extra special for him in dinner and surprise him with small gestures and other things of the ilk, but he always seems unappreciative.

There are some guys out there who will compliment you when you’re not even trying that hard to impress them. They will notice the little things about you that even you are unaware of. Beauty sure is in the eyes of the beholder and if the guy you’re in a relationship with can’t notice these hidden things about you and make you believe in them, then he doesn’t deserve to be with you. He has nothing new to offer to the relationship.

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So does your guy make you feel like this? Do you need to escape from this kind of toxic relationship?

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