5 Signs She Will Make An AMAZING Mother

Every woman can be a mother, but there are a few who are naturally amazing at being moms!В Being a mother means huge compromises, dedication and a LOT of patience.В I have seen many who struggle with even their third child and quite a few who are pros, even though it is their first child.

As per my observation, which is my favourite thing to do, such women have common attributes that come across very evidently in their day-to-day things, their nature and their behaviour.В Ultimately, you would want such a woman you can start a family with, settle down and that’s where it really matters what kind of a mother your partner is going to be. After observing a lot of people, I have come down to a few traits that will convince you that your partner will be a great mom one day.


It is said that every woman has a motherly side to her personality and every man has a childish side to his personality. No matter how young or old they are, a few traits always start to show in them. Have you noticed your partner often clearing up after you’ve watched TV, fixing your tie for you and many a times, telling you what to say and what not to? Those are her motherly instincts. If your woman does these things, even if it gets irritating at times, know that she will be a great mother.


A very famous phenomenon is that women like to talk, A LOT. Well, as some of my closest friends are women, I know it is true most of the time. All women talk but there are two times in their lives when it becomes important for them to stop and listen, just listen. First is when she becomes a mother and listens to the endless stories of her child and the other is when she realises the love of her life needs her to be there for her. To hear him out.


She will not get bored of listening to your office stories or anything that you are going through. She will sit there, listen and try her best to give you a suggestion after every sentence you finish. She will also try and take over the whole situation. She is a natural problem solver, she doesn’t really care if it is done the right or the wrong way, she will get it done no matter how hard it is just so she can see you smile. *Continue reading to next page*


A person who is generally kind makes a nurturing and a terrific mother. She cares more than a normal person, she feels more than a normal person and she acts kindly towards people more than normal people do.

Such women are humble and are naturally affectionate. She will be the same for you. If that’s the case, your kids are surely going to have one heck of a mother.


A lot of partners emphasis on equality, give and take but true and unconditional love is never like that. You always give more and expect less. In fact, even after giving all that you can and all that you have, you still want to do more. That is unconditional love, the kind of love that does not know any conditions.
That is the same kind of love a mother has for her child. When she wakes up at night, when she changes her baby’s diapers for the fifth time in two hours, when she feeds her child first, she is just being a mother and if your partner is like that, you are one lucky man. If she puts your happiness before hers and your wants before hers;

A. She loves you unconditionally and you better value it.
B. She is a natural and she will be the same when it comes to her baby.

In short, the way your partner acts with you really tells a lot about how she will be as a mother. If you see her patience, determination, ability to bend, you can easily tell if she can be a good mother. So go on, if your partner has these qualities, hold on to her. You might not find such a rare gem again.

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Is your wife an amazing mom, or does your girlfriend have these traits? Did I miss a trait out? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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