5 Signs That There Is A Lull In Your Relationship

Is your relationship becoming boring?

Relationships aren’t always going to be full-speed rollercoaster rides that are designed to have your heart racing the whole time. Remember that as you grow more and more comfortable with your partner in your love and intimacy, things are going to seem more stable and secure. That’s something that a lot of early couples will always strive for. They yearn for that consistency and stability that a lot of rock solid couples will have. And that kind of stability can only grow with time and commitment to one another in a relationship. This is a point in the relationship wherein both sides will develop a kind of complacency with one another. You and your partner will never have to feel like you have to do much to impress one another anymore. You won’t feel the pressure to act a certain way anymore because you have both fully accepted each other to be your real selves. And that’s great. However, it’s always important for couples to never get too comfortable or to get carried away with their complacency.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable with one another in a relationship. In fact, that’s always a good thing. But always make it a point to keep things in moderation even moderation. Sometimes, when things get a little too comfortable, it can also get pretty boring. When you grow a little too comfortable with someone, you risk taking that thing for granted. And you never ever want to take your love for granted at all. You always want to make sure that you are always exerting the kind of effort and mindfulness in the relationship that will be enough to actually sustain your love and passion for one another. You have to be able to sustain the novelty of the relationship by keeping things fresh; by mixing things up every now and then.

So whenever you find that your relationship is falling into some kind of comfortable lull, maybe you need to do something to liven things up a bit. Bring some life and excitement back into your romance by going on a trip or exploring a new shared hobby with each other. There are plenty of ways to bring excitement back into a relationship to keep things interesting between the two of you. It’s all a matter of being creative, imaginative, and mindful.

But the trick really lies in knowing when the right time to give your relationship a boost would be. You have to be able to figure out if your relationship is falling into a kind of lull or rut. How do you do this? Well, there are a few signs that you can look out for. Mindfulness in a relationship is always important. You need to always be constantly looking at the ins and outs of your relationship with vigilance. So if you and your partner are guilty of any of the signs listed here, you have to consider the possibility that you are stuck in a rut.

1. You recycle and rehash your conversations on a consistent basis.

One common sign that your relationship is just stuck in a rut is if you keep on having the same discussions every day. If you find yourselves talking about the same things and bringing up the same points over and over again in your relationship, then you are really in dire need of a jolt.

2. You are settling for climaxing during sex only every so often.

It’s understandable that you don’t have mind-blowing, earth-shattering, heart-stopping sex every single time. But that doesn’t mean that this kind of sex should only be limited to special moments that come very rarely. You should both always make it a point to make sure that your sex life is one that is both exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

3. You don’t really have sex at the spur of the moment anymore.

Spontaneous sex is a very fun and often unexplored aspect of a couple’s sexual activity. There is a different kind of thrill and rush involved in just having sex during the most random times and sometimes, in the most inappropriate places.

4. You become co-dependent with one another.

You forget what it means to be an individual. You develop a kind of co-dependency with one another and it’s not healthy. You completely lose all sense of the self because you have completely been swallowed up by the relationship. It’s still important for you to have your own things going on in life.

5. You both essentially know what you’re going to do for date night all the time.

Never underestimate the importance of date night! It’s always important for you as a couple to go on fun and exciting dates every once in a while. Sure, a casual dinner with just the two of you is very intimate. But remember that you can both express your intimacy for one another in various more exciting ways.

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  1. I am a absolutely undergoing a lot of stress in my relationship right now. I am feeling so lost that I am so much dependent on him that we are fighting every single day over some or the other thing. I am sort of getting hurt ever time I try to fix the relationship. I feel like I don’t deserve him anymore.

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