5 Signs That Your Guy’s Love For You Isn’t As Sincere As You Thought

You deserve to be with a man who loves you with utmost sincerity and nobility.

Sincerity is just really hard to come by these days. There are so many of us who roam this world who say one thing even though we mean another. A lot of us are two-faced. We put on this kind of image that we think society expects of us even though deep down inside, we feel totally different. And sometimes, we force ourselves to act a certain way to get what we want even though the way we act is completely different from how we feel. This kind of practice happens a lot, especially in love.

That’s why there are so many girls out there who end up getting duped by guys who just want to be with them for reasons other than love. Some guys use girls for their bodies. Some guys get with girls for an upgrade in social status. Some guys would even feign love for a girl for the financial benefits that she can offer him. Whatever the case, it’s wrong to be in a relationship with someone for any reason other than love. And if you aren’t being sincere with your love, then shame on you.

But the truth still remains; there are still plenty of insincere guys out there who you need to be wary of. These are the guys you really need to be careful with. They are the ones who will do or say anything to get you to fall for them even though they aren’t interested in loving you in return.

And if you don’t want to get heartbroken, you need to make sure that you stay guarded at all times. But love is always going to require some kind of vulnerability. So, you’re going to have to learn to balance guardedness and vulnerability if you really want to pursue love. However, that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You want to open yourself up to someone if you think you have a chance at falling in love with one another. But you don’t want to be opening yourself up to someone whose motives are toxic and whose intentions are dishonorable.

You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is downright insincere with his feelings for you. That’s just wrong. So what do you do if you still want to find love? You can’t shut yourself off to ALL men in the world. That’s not the way to go. You just have to be a better judge of character. And that’s where being able to read the signs comes in handy.

It’s not always easy to spot early in a relationship; but if you know what you’re supposed to be looking for, it shouldn’t be too hard to do so. If you find that a lot of the things that are listed on here actually apply to the guy that you’re seeing, then it’s highly likely that his love for you isn’t sincere at all.

1. He never lets you steer the ship of the relationship.

He always wants to be in full control of the relationship. He is manipulative and he is tactical. He knows that if he starts letting you make some decisions in the relationship, he won’t get what he actually wants out of you. He is selfish and he doesn’t care much about meeting your needs or expectations.

2. He always resorts to personal attacks and foul language when you fight.

He has no problem belittling you and making you feel like a lesser person. He has no regard for whatever impact his words or actions may have on you. He is selfish and he’s only ever really thinking about himself.

3. He is only ever there for you when it’s convenient.

He isn’t consistent with you at all. Sure, he shows up for you every now and then. But it’s only when he really stands to benefit from it. Otherwise, if it’s too inconvenient for him, he’s not going to be there for you at all. He only really makes time for the relationship if he knows that he can get something out of it.

4. He is very vague and ambiguous about his expectations for the relationship.


When you try to ask him about his plans with you or his expectations for the relationship, he just gives basic non-answers and he will try to change the topic. The truth is that he wants nothing to do with having a relationship with you per se; he’s just interested in everything that you can offer him.

5. He makes it so difficult for both of you to have a conversation with one another.

Granted, not all men are skilled communicators; but all men who are in love should always at least make the effort to converse with their ladies. So, if you notice that your guy is just deliberately making it so hard for you to have a decent conversation, it’s probably because he’s hiding something and he doesn’t want to let it slip.

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  1. I believe I married someone I have been with for 10 years was a bad mistake. He has left me alone when I was having surgery. I woke up from cancer removal to a total stranger at the end of my bed. I ask the lady where is my boyfriend. She said at work. He wanted you to understand he had to work. 3 weeks later I was rushed in for a emergency gallbladder removal. Again I woke up to a stranger beside my bed. Again I ask where is my boyfriend. He wanted you to know he had to work. I was due for a check up. And a small procedure that would require a driver. All the way to this appointment he told me how useless I was. He then proceeded to tell me to go kill myself. He has a really good job. I also have income. I find myself paying majority of the bills. He complains when he has to spend a dime. We have 2 daughters together. The first daughter he ask me after he found out she was female if he could kick me in the stomach, or just throw her into a trash can. He said he wanted a girl. He ended up leaving Mr, and I had our daughter alone. I gave our baby the last name of the man who helped me during the pregnancy, and made sure I got to my appointments. When my boyfriend found this out he started calling me a stupid bitch, and he wouldn’t claim her because of this. I reminded him that he left me all by myself, and another man took his responsibility. He still said I had no right. Maybe he is right about that. This man has cursed me out, calling me every single thing you cam imagine. He also has been physical with me. I have suffered a broken tailbone, sprains to my neck from being thrown by my hair. Fractures to my ribs. I called the police. He was arrested. Then he got out of jail and said everything was my fault, and his friends would take his back. His boss is a female with money, and he definitely doesn’t act like that around her. So she said she would testify that he is a lovely man. I would bring up how he has hurt me he just shrugged it off and told me to just shut the fuck up. I later found out he had been having multiple affairs with many different women. I brought that up, and he went back to me naming my daughter after another man. He said I deserved it. After the last call to the police fast forward to now. He hasn’t hit me. He said he wants to, but he know I will call the police like a stupid bitch that I am. I keep my feelings to myself, and try not to rock the boat. He talks about a future with me. Buying a house together, but he also has ask me to help him get his family visas to come to the United States. It scares me to be honest. He has told me how mean his father is. His mother and father both are alcoholics. I don’t want them living with me and my 4 kids. It will be a mess. I already know. He has moved his sister, and his brother in without my permission even though I paid the bills. It causes a lot of strain on my home. To be honest I am on disability so it takes all my income to get through. So he financially abuses me. I married him out of duress, and I know I have made a terrible mistake. I have no family they have all died. It is just me and my kids, and he knows this. There is nobody here to take my back for support. I am alone. I guess I have shared enough. Thanks for listening

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