5 Signs That You’re Really Falling In Love At First Sight According To Science

Love at first sight.

There is a lot of talk and hullaballoo surrounding the phenomenon of falling in love at first sight. There are some people who believe that it’s virtually impossible to fall in love with a person during an initial meeting. And yet, there are also those who swear by their own romantic experiences. So what’s the real deal? Does love at first sight actually exist in real life? Or is this some kind of idea that should only be reserved for books and movies? Well, it seems like science has finally given us the answer.

Psychologically speaking, there is an explanation as to why some people feel intense experiences of infatuation even when they’re only meeting people for the first time. The same chemicals that trigger immense feelings of infatuation within the brain typically don’t take very long to initiate themselves. Even in a matter of split seconds, one can experience the feeling of falling in love as long as the right variables are in place.

But how are you so sure that you’re really falling in love at first sight? How can you know that you can trust your feelings? How do you know that you can really rely on your personal sentiments of the situation? Well, there are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for. You just have to learn how to read yourself. You just have to be self-aware and you have to really be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling. Here are the signs that you are indeed falling in love for the first time:

1. You start to feel physically uneasy and uncomfortable when you meet someone.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem. One of the biggest signs that you’re really falling in love with someone at first sight is when you feel severe discomfort and uneasiness when you’re with this person. It seems weird, right? Why would you be uncomfortable when you’re supposedly with someone you’re falling in love with? Well, first you have to understand that it’s not the person you’re uncomfortable with. It’s the situation you’re in. You find yourself in a completely unfamiliar situation with the spike of your emotions. It’s a very new experience for you and it can get quite overwhelming.

2. You develop a strong urge to really find out as much as you can about this person.

When you first meet someone you immediately fall in love with, you feel this immense urge to just find out as much as you possibly can about this person. You will want to know more about this person’s life. You will want to acquaint yourself with this person’s deepest passions. You will want to find out about this person’s interests. You will want to really familiarize yourself with the most intricate and intimate aspects of this person’s entire existence. You will develop a slight obsession with this person because their existence has managed to just overload your senses.

3. You only have eyes for this person even though you’re in a crowded room together.

You develop a kind of weird visual obsession with this person. You will feel an invisible magnetic force that just keeps your eyes locked on this person’s. You won’t be able to explain or rationalize it at all. You just feel like your eyes are naturally drawn to this person. No matter how hard you try to look away, it’s as if your subconscious just tells you to keep on looking back at this person.

4. You will feel like you’re completely familiar with who this person is even though you’re only meeting for the first time.

And once you start to get a better grip of the emotions that are overwhelming your senses, you will start to settle down. You will cease to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. You will start to come to terms with the fact that this is no ordinary person and that you’re going through an extraordinary experience. And once your emotions are in check, you will come to feel like being with this person seems almost effortless. It will feel as if you were meant to meet at that exact time and place. It will feel like the entire universe conspired for the two of you to meet and fall in love; because that’s how your story was always meant to be written.

5. You develop heightened senses and you start to take notice of the little things about who they are.

And when you spend time with this person, you will really take it all in. You won’t take anything for granted. You will look and experience this person with heightened senses. You will notice all of their little mannerisms. You will spot out all of their flaws and their strengths. You will really allow the idea of this person to consume all of the space on your mind. You will leave no room for anything else.

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  1. “You find yourself in a completely unfamiliar situation with the spike of your emotions. It’s a very new experience for you and it can get quite overwhelming.” This quote is exactly right for my current situation.

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