5 Signs The Person You Love Is Wrong For You

No matter how much, how madly, how truly, obsessively and blindly you love someone, it doesn’t determine whether things will work out between you two or not. Your love for someone does not guarantee a successful relationship. Love alone is never enough. To share a bond with someone for a lifetime, to share your entire being with someone is never as simple as it sounds. It’s a beautiful journey, but the ups and downs will come and go as is natural.

Making a relationship work requires more than just love; it takes the power of will, faith, patience, loyalty, honesty, and whatnot to make it to the end with the person you love still there with you. Not everyone is capable of or willing to give a relationship they’re all. It’s going to work if only both the people in the relationship are genuinely trying and doing everything they can to make it happen. There is no way you can make it work all by yourself.

It is possible that when you fall in love with someone, it will feel amazing and perfect at first but slow down the line, you will notice certain things about them that will make you question whether they really are the right one for you not. It brings immense pain to accept the fact that someone we love is the wrong one for us. Everyone wants to believe they made the perfect, reliable choice and we all want to feel proud of the person we’ve chosen for ourselves. But, because love and relationships are not always a matter of fun and games, rainbows and butterflies, things can go wrong. Accept this change or turn of events with an open mind because settling for less than what you deserve is downright unfair to you. When you’re seriously into someone, and especially if you have plans of settling down with them then it should be of prime importance to you to make sure they’re the right person for you. To recognize and accept when someone may be bad for you as a significant other will save you more trouble in the future than you can imagine. You need to be mindful, observant, open-minded, unbiased and keep an eye out for the signs that will indicate he’s not the right for you

1. He picks taking you to bed over everything else

Has it always more about getting in bed and getting laid than all the other things that couples do together? You suggest two of you should watch a movie together, but he rejects it, then sweet talks you into the sex bit. Basically, it’s like that all the time because it’s always been about your legs. Your man needs to be equally interested in doing everything with you too. His enthusiasm spikes up only when it comes to sex.

2. He’s going to leave whenever he wants

He’s not entirely committed. He’s not giving the relationship his 100%. He has his conditions. He will leave when things get tough when this whole thing gets inconvenient for him. He’s the “I can’t make any promises” type. Your friends and family are probably already telling you he’s toxic. Believe them. It’s true. He’s entirely capable of abandoning you any moment. You can’t count on him to hold your hand through a storm.

3. You feel undervalued

Your self-worth is caught up in a whirlwind of being unappreciated. This person makes you feel like your not worth all his love time and effort. He makes you feel like you’re hard to love, hard to put up with and there’s nothing about you that is worth appreciating. It feels emotionally draining. You are not made to feel and respected and as precious as you should be. You’re losing sight of your self-worth and what you deserve.

4. He doesn’t respect your boundaries

While he has a set of deal breakers that he will never compromise on, he has set his limitations, and he has set them very high, but you are expected to push your limits for him. He makes you compromise on your principles. He does the thing that you never accept or be okay with, but he makes you push all your boundaries. You find yourself forcefully agreeing with him way more than you’d like or want to.

5. You’re holding things back

You’re in a relationship that makes you feel suffocated and pressured into being a certain way. You’re not given the opportunity to be yourself, to voice your opinions. You have to behave in a way that pleases him. Otherwise, everything he has for you just go down the drain.

A person like that is never going to get you anywhere. Even worse: they’re going to become a hindrance for you. Learn to invest yourself, you are your biggest asset. Have faith and if these signs ring a bell, then take action, now!

  1. Boy everything mentioned in this article is so so true ,because I’m in this kind of relationship myself

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