5 Signs You Need To Fight For Your Love And 5 Signs It’s Time To Walk Away

It’s the age-old question that seems to get asked a lot these days in relationships. Should you stay or should you go? Would it be better to make the best out of an unfortunate situation or would it be wiser to move on to something better? That’s a puzzle that a lot of people in sub par relationships tend to struggle with – and it’s not really all too hard to see why. We are always told that love is a struggle; and it’s always something that we need to work hard for. We are taught that just because something is broken doesn’t mean that we should just automatically throw it away.

We still need to make sure that we are doing the best we can to make the most out of what we have. And sometimes, that means having to work on a love that is less than perfect to make sure that it meets its potential. However, it also gets to a point wherein we need to say that enough is enough. We need to be able to put our foot down and draw that line. We can’t be wasting our time on relationships that do no good for us. We can’t be wasting our energy on people who don’t deserve it. And that’s why breakups happen. When a relationship just isn’t meant to last, then there’s no point in staying in it for too long.

Save some time and end things so that you can both move on to better opportunities in love and life. But how do you make that distinction? How do you know if you can still save your relationship? How can you tell if your relationship is a lost cause? Well, here are some basic signs that you can be on the lookout for in your own relationship.

1. Walk away if they don’t learn from their mistakes.

When your partner refuses to learn from mistakes, then that is proof of immaturity and ego. You don’t want to be with someone who is virtually unwilling to grow and develop into someone the person they need to be for the sake of the relationship.

2. Fight for your relationship if your problems are solvable.

Remember that it’s only ever really a problem if there’s no solution. If there’s a way for the two of you to overcome your issues in your relationship, then you always have a fighting chance at making things work.

3. Walk away if your partner doesn’t really pay attention to you.

You should never have to settle for a relationship wherein you are made to feel like your thoughts, feelings, and opinions don’t matter. You always need to have someone who listens to you.

4. Fight for your relationship if your compatibility issues aren’t too extreme.

Just because you two have compatibility issues doesn’t automatically mean that you are outright incompatible. Remember that we are all going to have our differences; and it’s how we most past these differences that really define our relationships.

5. Walk away if they don’t talk to you about the future.

Your partner should always be willing to talk about the future with you. A reluctance to do so proves a lack of emotional investment in the relationship as a whole; and that’s not a person worth being with at all.

6. Fight for your relationship if your partner shows a willingness to compromise.

A willingness to compromise is always a great sign. When the both of you show a willingness to compromise, it means that you are never going to let a few differences get in the way of your love. It means that you are always willing to meet each other halfway.

7. Walk away if your partner is just constantly being negative.

You must always be with someone who uplifts your life; someone who adds brightness, joy, and color to your days. If your partner just happens to bring you down a lot, then that’s definitely not a partner who is worthy of your time or effort.

8. Fight for your relationship if you’re both still willing to try.

A willingness to try is always going to be a good sign. It shows that the both of you are always going to be willing to put in the effort to overcome the issues in your relationship.

9. Walk away if your partner keeps cheating on you.

Cheating is always a big no-no in any kind of relationship. And if you have a partner who is always cheating on you, then you know you can’t latch yourself on to that wagon.

10. Fight for your relationship if your instincts are on your side.

Sometimes, it’s all a matter of just trusting your gut. Always pay attention to what your instincts are trying to tell you especially when you find yourself at a crossroads in your own relationship.

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