5 Signs You Shouldn’t Break Up With Your Partner Just Yet (You Might Just Need Some Space)

There is so much pressure in a relationship to always feel so happy, content, and in love. And that’s just downright unreasonable. It’s modern media’s fault for always portraying love to be this perfect and amazing experience that is without its glitches. We look at the romantic comedies in the movies and we think that we need those perfect relationships for ourselves. But that’s just not what real life is going to have in store for you. You have to understand that in real life, relationships are going to be less than perfect. And it’s completely normal for you to feel like you need a break from your partner and your relationship as a whole. If you really want to know the truth, scientists even suggest that it’s much better to take time off your relationship every once in a while because it can help strengthen the bond that you have with one another. Think of it as giving each other some temporary space to reset your senses.

There will be some stretches in your relationship wherein things will feel a little tense and high-pressure. And whenever that happens, it might be a good idea to give each other a little space for a bit. You don’t necessarily have to break up. You don’t have to end your relationship. But it might be better for the two of you to hit pause on things for a little while. Just because you need to hit pause doesn’t mean that you two have to break up and put a n end to your romance. It might just be an opportunity for the two of you to gain further insight on your feelings. You just might need to take a step back from the situation to gain a better perspective on things. It’s always important that you are able to use space constructively as a couple. Take a look at the bigger picture and don’t sweat the small stuff. A lot of times, when couples come back from hitting pause on their relationships, they end up becoming stronger and more solid in their love.

If you notice that a lot of the signs on this list apply to your relationship, then know that you shouldn’t end your relationship right away. There’s no need to be so drastic. It might be a good idea to merely hit pause on your relationship instead.

1. You have trouble connecting with one another.

There is such a thing as oversaturation in a relationship. When you are constantly spending time with one another, then you are depriving each other of the opportunity to learn from other perspectives. And when that’s the case, you will have exhausted all your ways to connect with one another. A simple reset can be enough to allow the two of you to reconnect once more in your relationship.

2. You feel irritable over the things you used to love.

It’s normal. It happens in any kind of relationship. The things that you used to find so endearing about your ex in the past might be irritating to you now. That’s okay. That’s something that happens to a lot of relationships. A little space between the two of you can add some perspective to your life. And it can make you more appreciative of the relationship as a whole.

3. You look forward to being able to reconnect with your partner.

You know that you aren’t meant to break up just yet if you’re already looking forward to the idea of being able to reconnect with your partner. It means that you are genuinely invested in nursing your relationship back to health even if you want to create some space between the two of you for the moment.

4. You are able to talk about the state of your romance.

One great sign that you’re still in a relationship that isn’t headed for a breakup just yet is the fact that you are both still able to talk about things – particularly the state of your romance. If you are both able to have a civil and mature discussion about the problems of your relationship, then there is always a chance for resolution. It shows open-mindedness and a willingness to work together for the sake of the relationship.

5. You daydream about having some alone time.

Just because you get into a relationship doesn’t mean that you should have to give up your individuality. There are going to be a lot of people who can feel like they are being suffocated by their own relationships. And that’s not necessarily the fault of that relationship. It might just be because that person is always going to want some time for solitude every so often. If you find that you are craving for your alone time, then explain the situation to your partner and don’t be afraid to ask for it.

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