5 Signs Your Partner Is Committed To You Even Before You DTR

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Congratulations. You are one of the privileged few who have managed to land themselves in the early stages of a steady and stable relationship with a person they are deeply in love with. You are part of a very select club, and you can’t afford to screw things up for yourself. Things are starting to get really serious and you see some real potential in your relationship but you can’t be entirely sure because of how fresh and new everything is. You aren’t exactly at a place where you can know for certain that you’re both committed to one another because you haven’t had the DTR talk yet.

For those who don’t know, DTR means Define the Relationship. It’s essentially the discussion that a lot of modern couples have to determine if what they have is something real and heavy. It’s usually where everything, all feelings, emotions, fears, and apprehensions, come out into the open. It’s an opportunity for both people to just come clean about everything. It’s also usually where couples solidify their status as a couple and their commitments for one another.

But you haven’t gotten to that phase of the relationship yet. You haven’t had that talked yet and so you’re still left in the dark. You still don’t know where you stand in the life of your partner and you don’t want to pressure them into having that conversation with you if they’re not ready. You don’t want to come off as someone who is overbearing and in a hurry. You don’t want to rush through the early stages of the relationship because you don’t want to mess up the dynamics of your young love. But still, you want to be able to have that security and stability that comes with having the talk. How do you solve this big problem of yours?

Remember this: you don’t necessarily have to reach the DTR phase of your relationship before you actually develop a really strong liking for one another. In fact, a lot of couples can fall really hard for each other long before they even have the DTR talk. This is usually prevalent in the couples who have very shy and soft-spoken personalities. They aren’t really as open as they would like to be about their feelings and so they put off the DTR conversation even though they’re certain about their deep feelings for one another. So don’t fret if you and your partner haven’t had the DTR talk yet. There’s still a really good chance that your partner is in love with you and is already committed to being in a relationship with you even when they haven’t outright admitted it yet.

In order for you to know for sure, you only need to seek the signs. You need to know what you’re looking for in order for you to find out if your partner is really committed to you or not. If you see that a lot of the items on this list apply to your partner, then there is a really good chance that they are already practically committed to loving you.

1. They never make you doubt the fact that they are interested in you.

Although you may still wonder to what degree your partner may be interested in you, you have no doubt in the fact that they like you. You know for sure that they are interested in you because they aren’t afraid to let their feelings known to you. You’re just not really sure about how much they really like you at the moment.

2. They always make you feel like you can rely on them to be available for you.

They are dependable and that’s a good sign. They are so committed to you to the point that they will always make you feel like you can rely on them whenever you’re in a jam. You know they would always come running to your aid whenever you call them.

3. They aren’t afraid to discuss future plans with you to make you feel included in the planning process.

The discussion of the future is important as far as long-term relationships are concerned. You might not have had the DTR discussion yet, but you’ve freely talked about the future. In fact, you are really comfortable with making future plans together because you can’t really see a future without each other anymore.

4. They aren’t really dating any other people anymore.

You can also tell that a person is really committed to you when they don’t open themselves up to the idea of dating other people anymore. They are loyal to you and to you alone. At this moment, you are the only one who holds the keys to their heart.

5. You have established a deep emotional bond and connection with one another.

Emotional bonds are also good signs that you have something serious going on. It’s difficult to turn your back on someone you have a deep emotional connection with. So you can always take this as a very good sign that your partner is really committed to you.

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