5 Signs Your Partner Is Using Facebook To Cheat On You

Dating and relationships is as different now as it has ever been. And in the age of social media and information technology – communication is becoming revolutionized. This is significant information because as you may already know, communication is a very important aspect of any modern relationship. However, the level of communication and openness that the modern age can bring isn’t necessarily going to be without its share of caveats as well.

With the new openness and accessibility that comes with being in this age of social networks, there are so many temptations floating around here. And these temptations can often lead people to be guilty of infidelity in their relationships. In fact, scientific research has concluded that couples who are active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter tend to have more conflicts in their relationships. Not only that, but it’s also likely that the use of social media directly correlates to the spike of relationships ending due to infidelity.

In a relationship, you can engage in the occasional flirting and interaction with another person outside of the relationship. And a lot of times, that can be very harmless and superficial. You engage in a casual flirtation with a stranger that you meet in the club and then you never see this person again. But when you’re flirting with someone over social media, it becomes a problem. Why? It’s because of the accessibility.

It’s so much easier to gain access to people nowadays because of social media. And there is an increased sense of emotional connection because both parties know they are eventually going to interact with one another again. And that’s why social media cheating and flirtation is really something that you should be taking seriously in a relationship. It’s nothing light. It’s not insignificant.

You always have to make sure that you are on top of things; that you know about the goings-on inside your relationship. Sure, you can turn a blind eye to your partner being kind and flirty to a random stranger on the street. But if your partner is emotionally flirting with someone else on social media, then you know that there’s a serious problem there that is just waiting to bring your relationship to the ground.

1. He seems like he gets really deep into his texting conversations and he doesn’t share them with you.

You notice that he just really loses himself whenever he gets a hold of his phone. Even when you’re out on a date with one another, he fails to give you attention because he’s consumed by his own cellphone. He’s constantly looking down at his phone. And not only that, he seems like he’s really serious about it. To add to that, whenever you try to ask him about it, he doesn’t really share anything with you. He is very secretive about his phone usage because he doesn’t want you to know what he’s up to.

2. He gets texts at even the weirdest hours.

Who would be texting your guy at the wee hours of the morning? It’s surely not working. And if it’s some kind of family emergency, you know that he would tell you about it. If he’s consistently getting texts at weird hours, then you know that something fishy is really going on behind your back. There’s no reason for him to be messaging people at 3 am.

3. He sleeps really late at night because he’s always on his phone.

He literally loses sleep because he tries so hard to hide his cell phone usage for you. He waits for you to go to sleep before he goes on his social media escapades. He doesn’t want you to find out about his activities online and that’s why he only really uses his phone after you go to sleep.

4. He always clings to his phone and his other communication devices.

He knows that you an get all of the evidence of his infidelity on his phone, and that’s why he clings to them like super glue. He doesn’t want you to know about everything that he’s been doing on there, and that’s why he never seems to be without his cellphone. It’s as if his phone has become an extension of his own body.

5. He gets angry whenever you talk to him about the time he spends on his phone.

You notice that he spends WAY too much time on his phone as opposed to you. But then instead of just admitting that he’s in the wrong, he gets really defensive about it. He gets upset that you’re confronting him about his excessive phone usage. And he’s going to throw a fit by somehow pinning the blame on you. He’s going to try to turn the tables on you and make sure to paint you in a bad light so that the attention is off him.


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