5 Signs You’re Experiencing Love At First Sight According To Science

Love at first sight, through science!

It’s a hotly contested topic in the realm of dating. Does it really exist? Is it really possible for people to fall in love at a single glance? There are so many skeptics who say that it’s just a load of fantasy. However, there are also those who swear by the existence of love at first sight because they feel like they experienced it themselves. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that the idea of falling in love at first sight can be quite an emotionally enriching (and potentially overwhelming) experience. But if we do manage to fall in love with someone at first sight, how do we know for sure that that’s a genuine feeling that we’re experiencing in the moment?

How do we know that it’s not just our fantasies that are playing into our own personal biases? What if we’re not really falling in love but we condition ourselves to think otherwise because it’s what we want to believe? That’s where things can get really tricky. Fortunately for us, science has the answer. Leading experts in the fields of psychology and dating have come out with some very interesting studies on the subject matter at hand.

The sensations that a person feels during these love at first sight scenarios can be backed up and rationalized by science. So if you find yourself doubting your experience, you can use this article as a point of reference to validate your feelings. Here are 5 signs that you’re genuinely experiencing love at first sight according to science.

1. You connect with one another with just your eyes.

The eyes are always going to play a big role during initial meetings. By nature, we are all aesthetically motivated creatures as human beings. We notch ourselves to the things that are physically attractive. And as superficial and shallow as that may sound, it’s the truth. Whenever we find something or someone that catches our eye, we automatically lock on to that entity with relentless desire. It’s true after all when they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


When we see something that is beautiful to our standards, we automatically become invested in that thing or person. It’s the same with love at first sight. What automatically draws us to a person we like before we meet them is how they look.

2. You feel a level of comfort and relaxation that you rarely ever feel with anyone.

According to science, what human beings generally perceive to be love at first sight is just a deep and instant emotional connection with someone. It’s the same feeling that one gets when a puzzle piece just falls seamlessly into place. It’s like the meeting was always designed to take place by a some higher being. This feeling is brought about by a sense of comfort and ease whenever two people are together. It’s like an effortless establishment of a bond.

3. You don’t feel compelled to act or behave in a certain way that feels completely unnatural or inorganic.

One other significant feeling that people get when they fall in love at first sight is the comfort of being their selves. They lose all the pressure that is usually on them to behave a certain way. As we are brought up, we are all taught to behave according to social norms and rules no matter how inorganic or unnatural it may feel. But when we fall in love at first sight, all of that discomfort goes flying right out of the window.

4. You start to feel a wave of butterflies fluttering inside your abdominals.

They say that it’s butterflies but it’s really just your body’s natural reaction to the anxiety and good stress that is building up within you. When you meet someone that you are absolutely smitten by, then it’s perfectly natural for the body to respond in a way that might feel uncomfortable and yet appropriate at the same time.

5. You have a healthy level of synchronization about the two of you.

It’s like you are both two peas in a pod as they say. You have personalities that just merge with one another so well. You are able to establish a chemistry and a rapport with each other that you don’t really share with anyone else. And that’s how you know that this initial meeting has the potential to be something really special

Now of course, like many other aspects of science, these assertions are hotly contested. We are all individuals who have different experiences after all and so not all of these may apply to every single one of us. But that’s the thing about love that makes it special. It’s our own and no one else’s. So don’t worry if none of these apply to when you met the person you believe you’re in love with. That doesn’t mean that the relationship that you’re in is anything short of amazing.

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