5 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Someone Who Is Cheating On You (And Making You Look Like A Fool)

Don’t let them cheat on you.

When it comes to being in a relationship, you have to know by now that loyalty and commitment are absolute essentials. You can’t expect to make a relationship work if you’re going to be with someone who doesn’t know how to commit to you. Remember that all relationships are going to require a lot of hard work, perseverance, and resilience. It’s never going to be easy or simple. You are going to have to go through your fair share of problems; and in order to overcome them, you’re both going to have to pool your efforts together and really commit to working through these challenges.

However, commitment and loyalty can be hard to come by these days; and you really can’t expect it to come from cheap people. That’s why you really need to be able to find yourself a quality guy who is always going to choose you; someone who is going to put your needs above his own selfishness. You need to be with someone who is mindful of your feelings; someone who would never give into his own selfish wants at the expense of your well-being.

Also, you need to stand up for your pride. You need to be able to defend your dignity. You need to make sure that the guy that you’re with isn’t making a fool of you. You deserve to be with someone who is always going to ensure your safety and security in love; someone who is always going to respect you. And so, if you find out that you’re in a relationship with someone who disrespects you enough to cheat on you, then you need to walk away. You deserve better. You deserve to be treated with genuine kindness by a respectable individual. And any man who chooses to cheat on his girl is a man who is far from being respectable.

But how can you tell when the guy that you’re with is actually cheating on you? A lot of the time, these cheaters are so good at what they do that you never really know when they’re cheating on you. You never really know that you’re being made a fool of because they’re just so good at covering your tracks. However, you have to know that all liars always leave a trail. You just need to be able to know what to look for. You need to make yourself aware of the signs. You need to keep an eye out for the red flags.


So what are these red flags exactly? What are these signs? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place to find out. In this article, you will be exposed to a few signs that you are indeed in a relationship with someone who is cheating on you. And if you find that your partner is guilty of a lot of the stuff listed on here, then you definitely have probable cause to confront them about it.

1. They act overly protective of their communication devices.

They are obviously trying to hide something. Your partner has been doing some shady stuff behind your back; and all of the evidence can be found in their cellphones. And that’s why they are very protective of their phones. They don’t want you to catch them red-handed.

2. You find out that they’re still on some kind of dating app.

If your friend tells you that they found your boyfriend on Tinder or some other kind of dating app, then you know that there’s something fishy going on. Why would your partner be on a dating app if they were sure about being in a secure relationship with you? There’s no logical reason for them to still be thinking about dating other people if they were really committed to being with you.

3. You notice that they talk about their ex on an excessive level.

The talk of exes are always difficult in a relationship. Yes, to a certain degree, you want to make your partner aware of your romantic past and history. It’s all part of being transparent. However, if you notice that your partner still talks about his exes, then it’s probably because he’s still not over them.

4. You are often told that you are crazy and you’re just imagining things.

This is a classic move that cheaters use to get away with their sins. They will try to make you think that you are only imagining things and that you are being unreasonably crazy. That’s their way of turning the tables on you; of making you think that you’re merely manufacturing everything in your own head.

5. They don’t ask you to tag along to events anymore.

The less that you hang out with one another, the more opportunities that he’s going to get to cheat on you. He’s not going to be able to cheat on you if you’re essentially clinging on to him at every moment.

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