5 Signs You’re Not Meant To Be With Your Partner

It’s just not meant to be.

How exactly do you know if you’re meant to be with someone? That’s such a loaded question and it’s probably impossible to just outright give a definitive answer for it. And the truth of the matter is this: it’s a lot easier to just look at a relationship and determine if it’s NOT meant to be rather than if it is.

Many people can have many different preferences, and so while some things in a relationship may look odd to some, it can be perfectly normal for others. So that’s why the definitions and mental images of what ideal relationships look like can become vague and ambiguous. However, it is a lot easier to spot unstable relationships that you know are just headed for a breakup eventually. It’s easy to see when things between you and another person just work.

But it’s a whole lot simpler to see when things just aren’t the way that they’re supposed to be. When you get into a relationship with someone you know you’re meant to be with, it’s going to feel substantially so much more different from any other relationships you might have experienced in your lifetime. These special relationships will feel almost organic as if everything seems to fall into place so easily with minimal effort.

These are the relationships where you might not even be able to believe that you have such great rapport and chemistry with another human being. And then there are those relationships that are just absolute struggles and pains to deal with.

These are the relationships that make you feel like you’re constantly having to hike up Mount Everest. These are the kinds of relationships where you have substantial difficulty with establishing and maintaining emotional bonds. These are the relationships where emotional connections seem to fade over time no matter how hard you might try to sustain them.

You don’t necessarily have to buy into the whole concept that there is only one person who is meant to be with you in the whole entire universe. The same principles still apply. When you find someone who you know that you’re perfectly compatible with, then you know that there is some serious potential to take your relationship to a place of permanence here.

Of course, if you do happen to find yourself in these kinds of relationships, then rejoice. It all just becomes a matter of doing your best to keep things together. It all becomes a matter of making sure that you don’t screw things up. But what if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a relationship that just isn’t meant to be? Well, at that point, you might want to consider ending things right away so that you don’t waste any more of each other’s time in the future.

Just call things off and go your separate ways; this will give you an opportunity to really find and pursue the love that you’re meant to be in. But how do you know for sure that the relationship that you’re in just isn’t meant to be? Well, there are a few signs that you could just keep an eye out for.

1. Your values don’t align with one another.

You have to be able to share moral values with one another that are actually reconcilable. Remember that your moral values and your ethics are what make up who you are. And you can’t afford to give up your principles for your relationship or you risk losing yourself.

2. You have difficulty seeing things from each other’s perspective.

Part of what makes great couples great is when you are able to really see things from each other’s perspectives. This will make having to manage conflicts and arguments so much easier. But if you really find it difficult to get into each other’s heads, then that’s a serious problem.

3. Your relationship is stalling you and holding you back.

Your relationship has to continually push and motivate you to be a better person. IF you find that your relationship holds you back and keeps you from your dreams, then that’s not a good relationship for you.

4. You constantly question yourself about whether the struggles are worth it.

You wouldn’t have to ask yourself this question if you were truly in a loving relationship with the one you’re meant to be with. In fact, when you’re with the one in a relationship, then the struggles would be absolutely minimal.

5. You can’t fully rely on your partner to be there for you.

At the end of the day, you have to be able to depend and rely on your partner to be there for you no matter the circumstances. In good times and in bad, your partner has to have your back. So if they’re not as dependable as you would like, then that’s definitely a bad sing.

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  1. I’ve reunited with my childhood sweetheart over 30yrs passed since we last saw each other, I madly fell in love with him, as for he, he stated he needed more time to know me! WTH. He’s had alot of female friends abandon him due to his way of thinking. So I decided to step aside and give him some time to reflect on his feelings. I’m hurting so bad…

  2. I am in that relationship right now … Living with a narcissist is hard, comes in the house late hours . I have tried to ask myself why but no answer . Trying to ask him mistakes he is too abusive and mouthy

  3. I sometimes feel I’m in this situationship, almost 25 years in and the past two years have been the question why? I guess because of soul ties I don’t want to let go. Sometimes there is a communication lack and it really gets under my skin.

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