Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your ˜Love Language’

Our behavior, on the whole, defines who we are in the many aspects of life. Different people with different personalities have different approaches to move along in a relationship, and that highlights their individual behavior.

The individual behavior, then, decides their identity as a lover. Behavior is a wide term which includes the many ways a person uses to act, react and judge. Behavior, in fact, is so wide a term it differentiates one human being from another and gives us ground to choose for ourselves. Your behavior also greatly defines the kind of person you are, both as an individual and a lover. It tells people how you choose to express your feelings and act in accordance with them.

Being a girl, the following ways of loving people may be helpful in telling you the kind of girlfriend that you are.

  1. When You Talk, You Mean It:

In relationships, we often have the invisible burden of keeping the other person happy. If you are a stressful person, you might also get stressed about not being expressive enough. We can often see our partner’s thirst for hearing compliments and to deal with it, we end up sugar-coating every little compliment.

Exaggeration becomes a vital part of our speech just for the pleasure of our loved one. On our part, we are not wrong in wanting to see them smile and blush, but we are wrong at a more realistic part of our relationship. sugar-coating things never helps. When you talk, you have to mean everything you say.

If you do so, you are the truest, most honest girlfriend on the planet Earth. If it is not coming from your heart, don’t push it. But if, every time you flatter, it comes from the heart then you ought to be proud of it. It is a trait that makes you an expressive and honest lover which is a rare thing.

When you shower compliments on your partner, you are not afraid to be corny at all, because you know it is all true coming from your heart. You reassure them how you feel about them by staying the truest version of yourself while talking. Your kind statements show love, not lust, and soften his heart no matter how bad a mood he is in. Authenticity and meaning lace your remarks as you truly feel what you say. – Continue reading on next page

You also understand the importance of little gestures of love, little greeting before going to bed and after waking up. You know how little whispers in the ear matter and how they can positively affect his day. You are all for making their day better, making them forget the worries for a little while, at least, and making them feel special and worthy of love.

You understand the importance of words and know how they can make a relationship grow healthy, so you utilize them for good every chance you get. Loving proclamations are your thing because when you talk, you mean it.

  1. Warm, Comforting Presence:

Relationships are all about learning to cope with and get comfortable with each other’s presence. It is not going anywhere if you fail to get comfortable or they don’t feel good around you. Negativity and conflicts are never appreciated, yes, but the relationship becomes rotten if it has nothing but these two factors. There are many reasons as to why we fail as a lover and as a ˜good girlfriend’. It is not something we lack as a person, but it is our actions that are lacking, at times, that give a path to apathy.

Without us even realizing, we grow distant from them. We don’t see why, but it happens quickly and we fail to manage it because it is too late. One way to prevent the distance from growing is to stay supportive. Not just by talking and showering praises and compliments, but by letting them feel comfortable in your presence.

A relationship is greatly built upon the comfort level of the two. If not too high, it has to touch the middle of the scale to keep going. See it as a silent demand or a basic requirement, a relationship can be very awkward without it.

The question is: how to make the scale of comfort reach the middle of it or higher? And the answer is physical touch. If not the complete answer, it can be considered the better part of the complete answer. By physical touch, we do not mean sex only. Physical touch has a lot more meaning than just sex.

It is our small taps on the shoulder, a tight squeeze of the hand or a small kiss on the cheek. If you are someone who understands the importance of high comfort level, you are an admirable girlfriend. You comprehend the emotional process that is triggered when someone touches lightly as an act of appreciation or acceptance.– Continue reading on next page

You succeed in getting their inner cuddles-loving kid out because they trust you with their awkward side; which is of the prime goals of a relationship. Your presence becomes so comforting to them that they feel relieved when you enter the room.

  1. You Know Them Better Than Themselves:

Information; little facts about each other that do not make a big difference but knowing them makes a lot. While relationships are about saying honest things and getting comfortable, they are also about knowing everything about each other. We obviously cannot ask all the questions about them in one sitting; it takes time and observation to come to know a person and their habits.

When you are really into a person, you notice every big or small thing they do, be it squirting ketchup all over their French Fries or their fear of drowning in a pool. You see everything because it matters to you. How to use that information to make the relationship grow is the question. Not by showing off, not by telling people who you know it all, no.

The correct way would be using those facts and the information to make things easy for your partner. For example, if they have a habit of eating omelet in breakfast but you know they are too tired to wake up early enough to make breakfast, you utilize that information and get up a little early to make their omelet for them. That is how you make things easy for them.

Sometimes, it is about acceptance. They may have some habits that you won’t like or appreciate, but have to be supportive (as long as they are healthy habits). If you are a girlfriend who not only understands his personal life but also embraces it, you are skyrocketing his quality of life. A lot of relationships fail due to not seeing eye to eye on countless matters.– Continue reading on next page

Tolerance, acceptance and understanding are the ways to ignore such a failure. Besides understanding, your secret mission is to make everything easy for them. Helping them with their official work in your free time or being there to listen to them when they are upset. If you know the importance of all of it, then you are the kind of girlfriend that any sane human would die to have.

  1. You Keep a Well-Managed Priority List:

Being in a relationship can be tricky if you usually have a lot of work to do. But as they say, no one is too busy, it is all about priorities. It indeed is. According to psychology, a person only remembers what he really wants to remember, what holds a close place in his heart. The things that are not of importance to him, he generally forgets them.

We believe it to be true. No matter how busy you are at your workplace, no matter how many colleagues surround you, if you want to call them and say I love you, happy birthday, nobody can stop you. Damaged relationships are often the result of a disturbed priority list. One of the two fails to give enough time to the other, miss important occasions due to workload and if so happens, the other refuses to compromise sometimes.

Equal attention and discussion is the key to happiness in a relationship. Sloppy, one-sided love can not only be heartbreaking but can also mentally affect the two people involved because there must still be love, but not the needed amount of attention.

If you keep a well-managed priority list where he stays somewhere on the top of it, you are doing it right. Love is hard to find and, more than that, hard to keep. If you know what to do and when, it is not too hard.

It is okay to sometimes to prioritize other more important things but when it comes to love and the times he needs, you make sure you are there for him. That is what makes you the girlfriend that you are.– Continue reading on next page

You are all for switching your mobile phone off when you are with him. You like to make appointments where only the two of you mark the presence. You like to be with him because you want to grow with him. You show genuine care and you listen when he is talking because you want him to feel special. All of it makes you the girlfriend that you are.

  1. You Like Giving All Sorts of Gifts:

When you love someone, you want to tell the world about it. If not the whole world then just the person you love. It is known there are hundreds of ways to show your love, but one that makes you profoundly happy is giving gifts.

When we see something precious, something expensive and limited-edition, we automatically analyze the fact and decide if he will like it. As the perfect girlfriend, you want to be able to give him everything that he loves. Your financial conditions might stop you from doing so but you try your best to be able to buy his favorite $400 watch or his favorite gaming console.

When expensive gifts are too expensive, you go for the best you can get, because you love him and want to show it so bad. He may never ask for a gift, but as the closest person to you, he might secretly expect something and you know it. You make the magical holiday season even more magical with all his favorite things, even if not so expensive.

And if you want to make it expensive, you collect money in a box long before the holiday season arrives. Surprises are also what you constantly look forward to. You know they will boost their mood and instantly put a smile on their face which you absolutely love to see.

Little things like making a smiley on their sandwich with ketchup or renewing their ruined favorite shirt are what you do to show your undying devotion. For a relationship to keep floating, making sure that it is as strong as yesterday is mandatory.

Love on certain occasions and big surprises do make one feel special, but other little gestures that show greater love constitute more to it. It is, in fact, the thought behind the gesture that counts and not the price of it. You know your efforts can do better than your money, you know being able to laugh together is the greatest gift. You know it, and it is what makes you the girlfriend that you are.

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