5 Steps To Make A Man Fall In Love

So, you are majorly crushing on a guy who has become the candy of your eye. You adore him and want to make him a part of your life. You want him to feel the same for you. You want him to chase you, appreciate you and be madly in love with you but unfortunately, he doesn’t see you the way you want him too. All of this is quite frustrating when you don’t know what to do and how to make someone attracted to you.

You feel strongly for someone, but you see no affection building in their hearts for you. Not knowing what to do to make someone fall for you is frustrating especially when there are the only ones you want to see as your partner. We are here to help you in making your crush fall for you and feel the same as you do for him. This article will provide you with some elementary steps which on the following will lead you to your goal. The levels are given below:

1. Be yourself

It all starts with you. You are the starting point of this marathon. You have first to establish this point in your mind that you are who you are and you are not going to fake or pretend to be someone else to get a guy. It is essential to be true to yourself and let others see your real character and personality. There is no need to camouflage to gel in with someone or to make someone like you. One should accept you for who you are.

Even if you choose to pretend to be someone else and your man starts liking you, there will come the point in your relationship when you get tired of faking it, and you will reveal you’re true self. What then? There is a possibility of your man walking out of the relationship because of all unexpected changes. Anything that starts with a lie will never have a happy ending. So be yourself and let him love your true self.

2. Be mindful of your appearance

Appearance matters. You cannot meet your crush in the first few dates in shabby clothes and messy hair. You don’t want to leave an impression of a girl who doesn’t care about her looks and is not so interested in herself. This is a turnoff for guys. Dress well, choose presentable clothes, brush your pretty locks and make yourself look neat and well-dressed.

Dress according to the occasion. Don’t always wear body-hugging clothes to look sexy, or don’t just slip into jeans and a shirt. Keep a balance between hot, informal and cute. Let the guy see you in different styles and witness that you can rock any look. Make your dressing compliment your figure and choose a hairstyle that goes with the look.

3. Go with the flow

Girls are hasty when it comes to getting something they want. They act impatiently and tend to spoil things for themselves. If your crush is giving you signals of being interested in you don’t overthink, overanalyze the situation. Don’t make him feel that you are being too clingy or thinking about making babies with him. It will freak him out, and he will run away before you can even make him fall for you. Yes, waiting is a painful process, but you have to go through it gracefully.

4. Make him want you

You should not be the only one chasing him. Make efforts to get his attention and make plans to hang out with him but don’t always make the first step. Wait for him to ask for a hangout or to spend time with you. Keep the curiosity alive. Make him queer that will ignite the urge to know you more and he will choose to spend more time with you. Give him the chance to miss you. Give him enough space to make him feel your absence.

5. Appreciate him for who he is

A man who feels appreciated feels comfortable around you. There is no better feeling than feeling loved for who you are. Appreciate him for his goodness. For his heart, for his mind, for his intentions and for who is as a person. Appreciate his kickass humor. Take notice of all his efforts and endeavors. Tell him and make him feel that he’s likable and worthy. This way, he will feel values around you. What man doesn’t want to be with a woman who gives his self-esteem a boost every time he’s with her?


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