5 Things About Narcissists That They Wish They Could Hide From You

We are all familiar with narcissism. We have all been exposed to narcissistic people at least once in our lives. To a certain degree, we all know what harmful narcissism looks like and we know what harmless narcissism looks like. And the point of focus in this article is the narcissism that is of the harmful kind. There are just so many aggressively narcissistic people out there who are just outright selfish and ruthless. They are manipulative and they are so good at fooling people to get ahead in life. We must always make it a point to keep ourselves guarder; to steer away from these kinds of narcissists because they can wreak havoc on our lives if we let them.

You can’t allow yourself to be so susceptible that you just open yourself up to the manipulation and abuse of a narcissist. You never want that for yourself. You always want to make sure that you shut out any toxicity or negativity from your life. And that all starts with making yourself aware of a narcissist’s tendencies; so that you would be able to better identify them when they’re there. A lot of them are just masters at flying under the radar undetected. You have to make it a point to sniff them out so that you won’t open any doors on them; so that you won’t give them a chance to mess up your life for their own personal gains.

If you really want to keep yourself protected from the harms of a narcissist, you need to make yourself aware of certain secrets that they are keeping from you. There are things about them that they try their best to keep hidden so that you won’t be able to detect their ulterior motives. And if you are vigilant enough to spot these things out in a person’s character, then the better chances you have of not getting used and abused by a certain narcissist.You always want to be seeing the best in people, yes.

But you can’t be too careful either. There are just so many terrible out there these days who are unworthy of love and trust. And you need to do your part in ensuring the safety and integrity of your own life. Here are some things about narcissists that they wish they could hide from you:

1. They will reveal their true selves faster when they think that you’re gullible and oblivious to their ways.

Whenever they realize that you are on to them, they know how to downplay their narcissism to a certain degree that gets you to trust them and doubt your own thoughts. So if you suspect someone of being a narcissist, play it cool. Try to play dumb. Try to act oblivious of their narcissistic tendencies; and they’re going to reveal themselves to you a lot faster. And once they do, that’s once you get to confront them. Catch them red-handed where there is no more escape.

2. Their biggest fear in life is being held accountable for whatever they say or do.

They never want to be held accountable for their personal faults and sins. The narcissist is always going to try their best to maintain a certain image; one of purity and innocence. They are always going to try to wash their hands clean whenever they can. That’s why the best weapon you can have with a narcissist is proof. You need evidence. Once they are unable to dispute their harmful narcissistic tactics, you will have them right where they don’t want to be.

3. The more disinterested and distant you act, the weaker their power will be over you.

A narcissist is going to feed off attention and validation. And if you strip these things from them, they will be powerless over you. It’s going to drive them absolutely crazy to know that you aren’t giving them the attention that they desperately need to function. They will end up getting sick of tormenting you because their efforts are fruitless.

4. They are never worth giving second chances to.

Once a narcissist wrongs you, it’s always best to just walk away and be done with it. These types of people are going to take advantage of whatever niceties you show them. They are going to use and abuse all of the second chances that you are going to throw their way.

5. No one is going to be exempt from their wrath.

You should stop thinking that you’re a special case. You aren’t a lesser form of human just because a narcissist is targeting you. You aren’t someone who is weaker or more deserving of pain just because a narcissist is trying to victimize you. These narcissists don’t see people – they see objects. And to them, everyone is fair game. They don’t choose who they victimize for specific reasons other than what’s convenient.

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