5 things every woman deserves in a relationship

You deserve this.

What do women deserve in a relationship? Think about that for a moment. Think. Imagine it. Put yourself in her shoes and just think. Imagine you’re a woman, in a relationship with a man who just pays attention to you when he thinks he should, what would you feel about that? It’s just a general statement, no need for anyone to involve feminism or misogyny or anything else other than just emotions. Because emotions control our reactions and those reactions are what make up the basis of a human’s life.

We can’t suppress our emotions no matter how hard we try, and they rule our reactions to events. It’s not a one-way street, every action in a relationship will be treated with another reaction which in turn will lead to thousands of scenarios, each of them with good and bad events folded between them. It’s your choice on how to go on with it. So, what do you think now? What does she deserve? Love? Trust? Friendship? Companionship? What came into your head? Whatever it is, keep the thought there. Build on it.

What does a regular person, regardless of gender, deserve in a relationship? It should be applied to everyone. Whether it’s you or me or anyone else. But there are a few things that diverge in regards to gender, just a few that women need. And what they deserve. What is your answer? What do you think? While you think of that, go on and read what my opinion is on this particular piece.

I know that people have different perceptions when it comes to their needs. However, what are some of the basic things that are essential to make your relationship a healthy one? Is it appreciation or trust or honesty? Yes, these are the fundamental things that are required for any relationship to work and I have mentioned them in detail so that you know that what do these things really mean.

Here are 5 important things that every woman deserves in a relationship. These 5 things may differ in terms of importance depending on the woman, but they are still pretty important.

1. A woman deserves to feel appreciated.

A woman’s job is never done. From sun up to sundown, most women have a ton of things to do along with keeping their man happy in a relationship. It makes a woman feel important and special when you take the time to recognize all that she does. A simple, “Thank you for cooking dinner, I really appreciate it”, can put a smile on her face. No woman wants to be in a relationship that she feels invisible in. Recognizing her efforts is the very fuel that can inspire her to keep doing more for you.

No one likes fake admiration. Sometimes, you need to put a little effort in complimenting your woman. Women do a lot for your children and your household and there are a lot of things that you can notice about them that deserves some sort of adulation. Women are superheroes and their work in not only restricted to physical exertion but they give emotional support and care to your children and to you too. They cater to your every need and know what things will set your mood off so it’s imperative that you compliment them on the efforts they make. That’s the least you can do for them.

Love is all about finding perfection in someone’s flaws.

It’s about making someone comfortable with who they are and making them believe in themselves and giving them the emotional support to reach newer heights in life. Love demands to be expressed. Sometimes, we can just compliment someone by our gestures and there is no need for verbal praise.

Some people are not good with words and are not really good when it comes to expressing themselves but that does not mean that they are not good at loving someone. It’s just that different people have different ways of expressing their love. Some people prefer actions over verbal praise and others can just make you believe in yourself by just giving a warm embrace or staring into their eyes and letting you see a beautiful reflection of yourself.

Whatever the case may be and whatever your language of love is, make sure that you use it and your partner will decipher it because partners have a magnetic connection between them and they can interpret things which others cannot.

2. She deserves safety and security.

Whether you are providing a roof over her head or protection over her heart, every woman needs her safe haven. When a man can give a woman the reassurance that he will do anything to protect her heart, her well-being, and her spirit, it brings a certain level of peace over her. When a woman feels safe, she feels free. You can’t expect her to continue being your angel if you don’t create a heaven-like an environment for her to comfortably lay her head in.

Safety doesn’t just mean providing a house for your partner. Safety is of many kinds. You need to make sure that you do not hurt your partner emotionally and be careful about saying things that will discourage them and make them feel bad about themselves. This will make the relationship toxic and ultimately things will end badly for both of you.

Sometimes, we say things without even thinking for a second that what impact would they have on the other person. Words have the power to destroy another person and they leave an indelible mark on someone’s past. They can resonate in someone’s head for eternity and always make them feel inferior about themselves.

We live in a society that has very high standards of beauty. There was a time when humans were considerate and thought twice before saying someone or hurting someone’s feelings. We used to socialize and we made an effort to know people and listen to their stories and make them feel wanted. In this age, humans have become negligent to their own species.

When you are in a relationship, you need to make sure that if your partner is having a hard time fitting themselves in this bigoted society, you give her the necessary emotional support and the time so that they don’t feel alone.

Sometimes, a safe haven is not a home or a castle or private contractors. Sometimes, a safe haven is simply a person who you consider your home.

Someone, who you will ultimately travel back to when things get hard and the calamitous storms of abject fate hit you. You need a shelter to abate these unfortunate conditions and you can be that home for someone. You can be that place for someone where he or she feels safe and secure.

3. She needs to know which certainty that she can trust her life partner.

A man will never reach the depths of a woman’s love if that woman cannot fully trust him. When a woman can lower her guard and love a man without holding anything back, that is truly when that man has earned all of her trust. It takes courage to love a man and sharing things with him that makes her sacred. Everyone doesn’t get to explore those levels of her love. You only reach that level of comfort with a woman when she can fully trust you. Earn her trust and you will tap into things that will inspire you in becoming a better man.

Trust is not just keeping someone’s deepest secrets. It’s about understanding someone without questioning them. Everyone has a tainted past that has left permanent scars inscribed in someone’s heart. You need to understand that you are not in a relationship with your partner in the past and the mistakes they made at that time.

You are in love with the person who you are with now. If you can’t accept someone’s past and the things they have gone through in that time period, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship with them in the first place. Love is all about knowing the person wholly and being okay with whoever they are.

You need to trust them and take a leap of faith when it comes to love. Maybe they’ll break your trust and maybe they won’t. The possibility of either of these things is there but when you love someone you need to have faith in someone and trust them to follow a path that will not poison your relationship.

Maybe, after meeting you, that person is completely changed and has sacrificed a lot to be this new person they are, just for you and you are still hell-bound on deprecating a person that doesn’t even exist anymore.

4. A woman needs to feel desired and loved.

A woman definitely needs two things. She needs to hear how much you love her, and she needs to see how much you love her. Every woman needs to feel like she is special and like she is the only woman in her man’s world. As a man, it is your responsibility to never leave your woman guessing or wondering how much you really do love her. She should be so moved by your love that it radiates off of her when she steps out in public.

With most women, the thought and the effort you put into making them smile is truly what matters most. Whether you are planning a surprise dinner or planning to send her surprise flowers, these small things leave the biggest smiles on their heart. Express how much she means to you and how blessed you are to have her in your life. Don’t just say she’s irreplaceable, love her like she is irreplaceable and she will never stray away from you and your love.

Many people ask me a simple question that what is love? Love is not just a chemical reaction that stimulates your hormones in the initial stages of your relationship. Love transcends any scientific explanation. It is a bond that has the ability to withstand any unfavorable condition. Are you ready to love your partner through thick and thin?

You need to ask yourself these questions before you plunge into a commitment with someone and say these three magical words because humans love the way the words sound but they don’t really understand the effort and years of struggle that is needed to justify their claim. When you love someone, love them eternally. Love them when they are down and in an abyss of self-destruction and love them in the days of merriment.

Make them believe that no matter what the circumstances are and no matter how hard the times become, you will be with them and provide them with the support they truly deserve. What’s the point of love when it is only a half measure? If you’ve just said someone these words to quench your own emotional thirst, sooner or later you will realize that you will get bored of the person and that subjective curiosity will diminish and you will not feel that outburst of emotion you felt when you said those words and at dull days like these love becomes a choice. You can’t just allow yourself to find perfection in someone else as soon as things become a little bit rusty.

If your relationship has become bland and is just a dreary routine, it’s because you both have stopped trying. You need to make an effort to make your partner feel wanted. I know what you are thinking that this seems all so forced and not natural.

Well, sometimes love can be hard and you need to reignite that spark between you with your own efforts. Just sitting around and accepting that love has faded is sometimes not the right decision. I’m sure that if you truly love someone, then making some sort of effort for your partner and making them feel wanted will eventually bring you to the good old days that you reminisce.

So, make an effort and make your partner feel wanted and do little things that they love and go be psychos together and test your limits of eccentricity. Now, don’t go off killing people, please. That’s not what healthy couples do. Definitely, not what healthy couples do.

5. She deserves a man to be her best friend.

When you feel like you have your best friend in your relationship, that is a sign of a great relationship. Can she confide in you secrets that she has never told anyone? Can she trust that you will listen to her about anything in the world without judging her? Are you a man that she can cry with and laugh with? Being her best friend is like making a secret oath with her. You never share private conversations and private moments with anyone outside of your relationship. Being her best friend means that you will always be able to see the best in her even when she feels the opposite. Being a woman’s best friend is one of the best things that you can do for your relationship.

A best friend is one of the most wonderful gifts. A best friend is there for us when our relationships fail or we have some problems in our family and our best friend never questions our decisions and loves us unconditionally and he doesn’t even get to sleep with you. Well, if you are not friends with benefits that is. Anyhow, the thing is that being best friends with your partner can strengthen your love and make it invincible. Strangers who fall in love have to get comfortable with so many new things that they discover along the way but your best friend already knows everything about you and he or she knows that what they have gotten themselves into and still accept you for the person you are and they stand by you with utmost loyalty.

It is such a wonderful thing to have a partner as a best friend. Someone you can be crazy with and someone who is your confidant and who would never judge you and someone who can make you feel comfortable in your skin. The relationship automatically becomes something so easier to manage when you have someone like that in your life. Look at Monica and chandler, the two guys never even thought that they would hook up with each other but when they found true love, it was strong that it was an inspiration for all of us. Their best friendship made us believe that there is something out there called true love. Something so powerful that it gives people a reason to live for. It gives meaning to their lives.

At the end, if you love someone then you will do all these things for them spontaneously.

You will want to do all the above things for them and the effort you make for your partner will make you feel better and accomplished as well. Making another person’s life more beautiful is one of the noblest deeds in the world and it is done by great men. In this world of negativity, stand out from the rest and believe in the power of love and let it guide you newer and better horizons. I assure you that if you believe in yourself and love yourself, you can make any person in this world happy.

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