5 Things for LOVE in 2017

Start off your new year fresh, let go of the negativity and leave it behind.

They say love comes to those who wait, but for how long? Surely, it comes to those who wait but they act smartly about it. At times, we end up believing too much in the aforementioned phrase and think that it’s just not the right time. Trust us, the idea of right time is an illusion, you ought to create it by your doings.

2017 is around the corner so to make sure you are not endowing with an obstacle that is resisting your love to reach you, here are a few things that you ought to keep in mind:

1. Know yourself

Knowing oneself is the key to success in all domains of life. It gives you a sense of confidence and enhances the self congruence. You can know yourself by exploring yourself. Your imperfection s and problems do not define you. Think about what you like, what you dislike, what makes you happy and what makes you upset. What drives you crazy and gives you a thrill?

Know your feelings and also know the reasons underneath. Make adjustments accordingly and own what you feel or like. Your confidence and knowledge is your beauty and it will surely attract the right person towards you.

Also, be honest with yourself, stay in present stop doing things that do not make you happy. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Understand yourself and allow yourself to embrace it with a fear of judgments what so ever.

2. Your happiness:

God has given this life to you and it’s solely you who should be in charge of it. Your happiness and peace should be your priority. If you won’t take care of yourself and your contentment then who will?В  Don’t make yourself a mess and suffer for people who treat you like garbage.

Be bold and brave enough to protect your happiness. To be in a healthy a relationship you need to be healthy too: this health includes both your mental as well as your physical health. Fulfill your own wants and needs if you want to feel satisfied and whole in a relationship. Come on, a happy person is much more preferable for a relationship. – Continue reading on the next page

The messy and chaotic descriptions of love interest are only here to stay in books and fantasies. В Everyone wants to be with someone who offers them happiness and positivity. Just think about it, can you make your partner happy when you are not?В  So yes! Take care of yourself and your happiness.

3. Learn from your mistakes and live in the moment

You are a human being and you do make mistakes. Trust us making mistakes is fine but not learning from your mistakes is where you get things wrong.В  By repeating these mistakes you further screw yourself and get into the mess. Learn your lesson and move on. Do not develop a fixation and do not get stuck there. Live in the moment either good or bad, live it to its fullest and just move on. A new day should come with new beginnings, don’t waste your time by recalling your mistakes and feeling rotten about it.

Seek pleasure and enjoy the way world is at that particular moment. Forget what you missed and what you lost. Be positive and appreciate the little things in your life. Notice the clear sky, first ray of sun in the morning, the dewdrops on the grass, first spring flower, the lyrics of your favorite song, the cute little things your pet does, compliment a stranger for her lovely dress and notice the smile on her face, and also notice the wave of positivity it brings on. Notice the happiness that you feel with long walks by the beach and the happiness that comes with crazy long drives with your friends. Trust us; these little things bring the greatest of joys.

4. Be kind:

Kindness is really important. But wait! Don’t be selfish by considering your happiness only. Be kind and considerate and think about the people around you too. Be kind enough to help and old person cross the road, be caring enough to help a child with his home work, be considerate enough to help a friend in the hour of need. Be empathetic and understand people and their problems. Shower them with kindness and love instead of anger outburst and mood swings.В – Continue reading on the next page

Being kind and caring will make your feel purposeful and satisfied. The wave of positivity that comes with this kind attitude towards others is beautifully matchless .Who knows a person falls in love with you when you were busy buying an ice cream for a street child? And who knows that person approaches you. We all know kindness is atypical s kind people are hard to find.

So yeah! never be any less kind to yourself and people around you.

5. Forgive wrongdoers:

As we said, we are humans and we do make mistakes. Learn to forgive those who do wrong things to you and extend your apologizes to the people who did hurt in the past or present. It’s okay to forgive people because it’s the only way you can make peace with your past and move on to better things and people in life. Give them second chances and likelihood of mending the things gone wrong. It’s important because we all want to spend our life with the one who doesn’t hold grudges and believes in second chances and maintenance of positive vibes only.

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