5 things girls care about in relationships more than guys

Men are wired very differently when it comes to relationships. It’s in the nature of a girl to care more and to look out for her partner, the nurturing factor. This might not be the best thing for guys as they might end up feeling suffocated. Compassion runs in the veins of a woman. When we look down the evolutionary tree, we realise that men have always been the bread earners of a family, while women have stayed home and looked after the offspring. They were less exposed to the brutalities of life.

Women have always been treated as the gender that needs more protection and care. In a way, society plays an important role when it comes to a woman behaving in an empathic manner. The new rising feminist trend has started to change this outlook about women. Apart from social norms and inherited traits, women are naturally more emotional as compared to men. This is mostly because of the hormonal changes that inhabit their body due to high levels of Estrogen.

When it comes to relationships, girls tend to give more attention to detail. On the other hand, men tend to focus on the more obvious details. Here is a list of things that girls care for in a relationship more than guys.

1. Social Media is Important

Whatever happens on social media is a big deal for girls. From your relationship status to that person who likes your pictures, everything matters to us. Women are more social than men in general, men are habitual of keeping their troubles and achievements to themselves, while women are more prone to interact with people and discuss their lives out openly.

This may lead us to believe that any unusual changes on your social media accounts might be a red flag. As far as men are concerned, social media is the least of their worries. Men don’t care who likes their pictures or who might view the things that they post on social media. Still, if it makes your lady happy, go ahead and accept that relationship status request!

2. Anniversaries and birthdays matter

Don’t get me wrong we cherishes each and every moment that we spend with you, but we will not let go of any chance to make those moments a bit more special. On occasions such as these, the artist in us comes out and we will do everything we can to make your day special, this might include some private time, a surprise party or a homemade meal.

A simple wish might work for some of us but others might expect you to go a little out of your way and do something more special. Remember dates; try the best you can to make her happy because at the end of the day, it is these little investments that make your relationship stronger.

3. Women need to know how they look

While you might just take a bath and throw on a new pair of jeans for date night, you need to know and acknowledge the fact that it took your lady love gives a lot more time and effort to look good for YOU. We might have spent hours to pick the perfect dress and pair it with the perfect set of shoes, hair, nails, makeup and jewellery had a lot of thought put into them. We do all of this because honestly we want you to be in a state of awe when you set your eyes upon us.

Here is an insider tip; she also secretly wants to make all the other girls jealous of what you both have! *wink wink* She wants you to know that she is the best chick out there and she wants you to be proud of that. So next time when you both go out on date night, remember to shower her with compliments.

4. What you keep in your phone

We just need to know, I know it might seem like a total invasion of your private space but we absolutely need to know each and everything you do. The locks on your phone make us skeptical, we trust you,of course we do, but we love snooping around on your phone. It’s not suspicion that drives us crazy, it’s the LOVE. So let us check your phone, it’s the biggest assurance you could give us! Just do us a favour and keep it unlocked and maybe with the passage of time, maybe, we will grow over this obsession of ours.

5. But most of all we want care

Some days of the week we might just be fussy over the silliest of things, we know that and deep down inside we feel bad for acting that way. We might be grown up women on the outside but on the inside, we are just insecure babies screaming for attention. Even on days you feel that we are being immensely unreasonable, grab ahold of us and tell us that you love us no matter what, listen to us babble our hearts out until we break down into tears. And remember – cuddles heal the soul!

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