5 Things Men Do That Instantly Make All Woman Melt

In this world where gentlemen are rare and where romantic gestures are slowly fading away, it leaves a woman in awe when her man does something romantic and chivalrous like those in romantic novels. It is rare to find such gentlemen who would go out of their way to make their partners feel special.

They will opt for cute romantic gestures that will make their girl’s day, and she will be smiling throughout. These gestures don’t necessarily have to be something grand, but they are all about the care and love someone has for their beloved. In times like these when everything and everyone has become so practical that it is almost impossible to find a hopeless romantic.

If any of you sees a hopeless romantic, then hold on to him because he is as precious as a black diamond. They are the ones who would match your romantic act of keeping a rose in your favorite book till it dries out or writing diaries sticking pictures of things that are close to you. Look out for men who still believe in handwritten letters rather than spilling out their feelings through a text message. These old-school romantic gestures can win any girls heart, some of them are given below:

1 He holds the door open for you

As general as this may sound but men who open doors for their girls win their heart at that very moment. With all the hustle bustle of life, these small gestures have faded away, and no one focuses on such intricate details. These details make your girl feel extremely special, and with all the respect that you give her, you make a place for forever in your heart. When you treat her differently from other women in your life, you let her know that she is all that you want and love. No one can take her place, and she rules your heart.

2 He shares his last bit of food

It is rightly said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Men usually don’t share their meals with anyone as the whole meal sometimes is not enough for their large appetite, but they will make sure to share it with the one they love or are attracted to. If they give you the last bite of their burger of the last slice of their pizza you know that you are the Queen of their heart or else they would strangle their friends but not let them have their last slice of pizza. It is a very small act, but it surely holds great importance to know your place in a man’s life. Gentlemen like these mesmerize a girl and leave her wanting more of them.

3 He is good to your family and spends time with them

It is very easy to find someone who likes to spend time with you and invest in you emotionally, but it is very infrequent to find someone who loves your family. Anyone can love their family, but someone who has genuine feelings for you will be ready to give his time to your family willingly. He won’t force himself to sit, chat and spend quality time with those you love. It will come naturally to him. He will not feel shy or burdened to think of your family as his family. He will respect and love your family as he would expect you to treat his family. Men who invest time and emotions in a girl’s family steal her heart and make her feel sure about her choice.

4 He introduces you to everyone

Now, this is something every girl loves, to be introduced to every relation of their man. It means that the guy is ready to make you a part of his life. He will not shy away and will not make excuses to keep you away from his friends or family. He will feel glad and proud to have you as his partner and will make you a part of every event of his life. His long lost cousin would also know about you. If this isn’t something to swoon over then, we don’t know what is.

5 A kiss on the forehead

This is a very small act to ponder about, but if you have ever been kissed on the forehead, you would know that it is one of the most romantic, erotic and melt-worthy things. Every girl felt so special and protected when her man kisses her on her forehead, and it is one of the best feelings a girl feels in her lifetime. She gives away her heart at the very moment when she is kissed with affection and love.

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