5 Things Most Women Won’t Be Completely Honest About

#2. She lies about the level of romantic interest some men have in her.

To a lot of women, image is everything. How they appear to the outside world matters greatly when it comes to determining their self-worth. They hold a mild belief that their life’s value will increase if other people place them up on a pedestal and revel at their prowess. Women are very proud creatures, and it would bug them to know that their reputations don’t live up to their standards. Another reason, aside from being proud, women are meticulous about their reputation because they never want to give other people an excuse to humiliate or judge them. They never want to be on the receiving end of someone’s negative comment.

And because women place so much importance on the image that they project to the public, they will tend to distort that image. They will try to manipulate that image the best way they can to portray the highest possible versions of themselves that they can show. That is why many women will resort to mild (or sometimes even grand) dishonesty to show the outside world that they are better than they appear. Here are some of the most common things that women lie about.

1. She lies about the amount of money she makes.

There is no denying the importance of money in the world. These days, a person’s success is more often than not directly tied to how much money that person makes. So it’s no wonder why some women will resort to bloating their financial numbers up a bit to impress other people. But you should know that this isn’t the only reason women would lie about how much they make. In these modern times, many women are gaining more traction and even earning way more money than their male counterparts. To not bruise their boyfriends’ egos, some women will resort to lying about how much money they make. She would never want her boyfriend to feel like a lesser man because she earns more money than him.

2. She lies about the level of romantic interest some men have in her.

There are plenty of reasons why women would lie about a man’s romantic interest in her. Let’s count the ways, shall we? For example, a woman in a relationship with a man could lie about the romantic interest another man has in her to preserve the friendship. She may have been very close friends with this man for a long time, and if her boyfriend found out that he was interested in her romantically, he might ask her to terminate that friendship. Another example of a woman feeling the need to lie about a man’s romantic interest is when she wants to impress her friends with a fib. She will tell them that the handsome Mr. X has a massive crush on her to make her friends jealous.

3. She lies about the number of men she’s done the deed with.

This is a tricky issue for a lot of different reasons. In the modern age, women should be allowed to express themselves sexually however they see fit. They take full ownership of their bodies, and they do not want to be judged for it. While it is socially accepted that men tend to give in to their carnal natures for sex very often, women are forced to deal with the stigma of being called so*ts and other things.В That’s why a lot of women will lie about their sexual escapades out of fear of being demeaned by the greater public. She doesn’t want to be put in a position wherein she has to start explaining and defending her sexual history to people.

4. She lies about issues of infidelity.

She may have cheated in the past, and she knows she must always be ashamed of that fact. Infidelity is a sensitive issue for lots of people. It has managed to destroy relationships and countless lives. That’s why when women are the instigators of infidelity, they will try to suppress that truth to the best of their abilities. Another example of women lying about infidelity is during scenarios where they play the victim. They feel like they’re ashamed that their partner would ever cheat on them, and they don’t want that humiliation to be brought to light.

5. She lies about sexual encounters with fellow women.

It’s very taboo these days, but you would be surprised at how many women turn to fellow women for some sexual satisfaction. Society will treat this as something peculiar and unusual, but it is only very natural in a sensual aspect. A woman should get to do what she wants with her body with whomever she wants. However, she doesn’t want to be the subject of judgment, and so that is why she would resort to lying.

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