5 Things only over-thinkers can relate to

Have you ever just sent a text to someone and thought for hours about it, worrying and thinking of the response from the other side? Does your past still haunt you and remind you, every day, of the mistake you might have done? Well, my friend, you are an over-thinker and there is a terrifying mess in your head, but it’s okay.

We all are over thinkers to some extent; some are just more caught up in it depending on the extremity of their regrets and circumstances. I am an over-thinker myself and I have a past that has defined who I am right now. I stand out because I wear my garbage , the garbage that I should have disposed of years ago but I didn’t because without it, I am just a new-born and I have not grown up and evolved. We are survivors and we have weathered storms and we are apprentices of pain that has taught us some things that have helped us through thick and thin.

Here are somethings that only people like us will get:

  1. Our past haunts us

Some things in the past have damaged us and cracked our soul from within. These things may be detrimental to our self-esteem and may also create a void in our hearts, depending on the severity of our situation. Moreover, whenever we try to rise up and fight back, the world has knocked us down over and over again. This emptiness that we harbor inside our hearts isn’t something everyone can understand. At days, we just want to seclude ourselves from the world and just lie down on our bed and stare at the ceiling for hours. We might not be moving our limbs, but there is a lot of biological activity going on in our heads. We feel remorseful and dream of what our lives could have turned out if things would have been different.

Have you ever stood in front a mirror and stared deep inside your eyes and saw the reflection of a person who deserved better than all of this? Well, I understand that.

  1. Everything remains undecided till the last minute

We have so many processes running inside our head that we can never make up our minds about anything. Going to some adventurous place with your friends? It’s all decided and you’ve already said that you will come. But at the last minute, you just decide that maybe you just don’t want to come, and you cancel stuff. Us, over-thinkers, tend to do that a lot. It’s because we have a lot of different possibilities and things in our heads that make our decisions change in a matter of seconds. It’s not like we can’t be trusted and all, but it’s just how we are built. We need the time and space to make up our minds, at times, to eradicate all sorts of confusion.В *Continue reading to next page*

  1. We are adventurous and fun to be around

We are survivors and we know that vulnerability is a big mistake and not everyone in this world will understand our reasons. We are very fun people in public and we have a witty sense of humour. We wouldn’t mind doing crazy things. We just do stuff out of the blue, our heads may be fizzing up with new and different ideas all the time. Our creativity knows no bounds and our imagination is a perpetual supply of innovation for us.

There are many kinds of over-thinkers around and your personality has a great influence on your public image.

  1. We genuinely care about people

Some people just utter harsh stuff at people and don’t think about the consequence of their words or how these words might affect them. Some people just say stuff subconsciously and they are not even aware of it. Over-thinkers are quite contrary to that. They think twice before saying something rude to someone. They know that words have the power to ruin theВ mood and so they take precautions even when they banter.

  1. Escapists

Over-thinkers are escapists. There is a lot going on in their head and sometimes, it gets hard to handle all at once. It’s not always easy being an over-thinker. Sometimes, you just mess up your mood by just sitting and by exploring the darkest corners of your mind. You just take yourself to places that you weren’t supposed to enter, but you can’t help it. It’s just how your brain works.

To get away from all this, you just need to sequester yourself from society and just sit in a dark corner and wait for things to get normal again. Sometimes, they just need the company of a best friend who understands them and listens to them. Personal space can mean many things if we assign a meaning to it. People have different definitions of personal space. To some people, having personal space means being close to someone they love away from the entire world.

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