5 Things That Become Irrelevant When You Meet The One

These things become meaningless when you’re in love…

We all have our excuses whenever relationships don’t turn out the way that we expect them to. Some of them are valid and some of them are not. Some of them are excuses that we can control and others are just beyond our jurisdiction of manipulation. At the end of the day, there are just so many factors that go into making a relationship work and so we can have a myriad of excuses to choose from whenever things start crumbling to the ground. The sad fact of the matter is that not all relationships are going to be built to last forever. Not all romantic unions are meant to be. However, knowing this, a lot of people can fall victim to remaining passive in the pursuit of their relationships. They think that they don’t have to exert so much effort into the relationship because they know that it’s going to be beyond their control anyway. This is the wrong way to approach a relationship and no one is going to find success in love with this kind of thinking. 

Yes, there are so many things to take into consideration when determining the strength of a relationship, but that doesn’t mean effort should be taken out of the equation. Ultimately, it all boils down to compatibility and effort. And when you meet the right person, then it’s all just a matter of putting in the effort to actually make things work out for the both of you. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why you should fail as a couple. You’ve seen some very real examples of couples in love who end up breaking up anyway. But when you meet the person who is right for you, all of the excuses just become irrelevant. You are meant to be together and whether or not you stay together is ultimately a choice that the two of you are going to have to make. When you meet the person who is truly right for you, then everything else is just moot. The things that you once thought were important in determining the success of a relationship just get thrown out the window. Once stripped of it all, it’s going to just be you, your partner, and the love that you have for one another. These are a few of the things in a relationship that become irrelevant the moment that you meet the one.

1. Timing

How many couples have called it quits just because they felt it wasn’t the right time for them to get together? Of course, having good timing in a relationship is great, but ultimately, it shouldn’t be the defining factor. No matter how bad your timing may be, no matter how difficult it can get, when you meet the person you’re meant to be with, you are going to find a way to make your relationship last until the end. 

2. Past flames and romances

Your past may have a say in the person that you are now. But your past doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to have a bad or horrid future. Everything that is going to happen to you in your future relies on what you’re doing today. Yes, you have had your share of controversial past flames, but none of that should really matter anymore. What matters now is that you’re together and you’re in love. Neither of you should be threatened by one another’s romantic histories. You need to only concern yourselves with the future that you have together.

3. Age

As the clich goes, age is just a number when it comes to love. It’s all going to boil down to love, compatibility, and effort. How old either of you are is just going to be irrelevant. You won’t care whether your partner is 10 years older or 10 years younger than you. So as long as you are both legal adults who are capable of making independent decisions for yourselves, then nothing really else matters. Your age shouldn’t be a factor in determining whether your relationship will work or not. Your love should be stronger than any numerical differences you may have with your ages. 

4. The circumstances of your meeting

You shouldn’t be ashamed about how you meet as a couple if you know that you’re genuinely in love with each other and that you’re meant to be together. Whether you met in a random caf or on an online dating app, it’s all irrelevant. The only thing that matters now is what you do with your love and how you’re going to spend the rest of your lives with each other. 

5. Physical distance.

A lot of people will shudder at the thought of having to bear a long distance relationship. In fact, there are so many couples who just give up instantly when faced with the trials of long distances. However, that really shouldn’t be a factor anymore especially in the modern age. There are so many tools for communication nowadays that it’s so easy for couples to stay connected despite the distance. At this point, meeting the person you’re meant to be with is what matters the most regardless of how far apart you may be from one another. 

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