5 Things That You Should Be Comfortable Doing In A Relationship

How do you know that you’re in a happy and nurturing relationship? It’s when you have a partner who is confident enough to support you and make you feel comfortable with being yourself.

How do you know that you’re in a happy and nurturing relationship? It’s when you have a partner who is confident enough to support you and make you feel comfortable with being yourself. A lot of times, people get stuck in relationships that are detrimental to their individual states of mind.

These kinds of relationships are those that are selfish, dishonest, and just plain toxic. You would do well for yourself to avoid these kinds of relationships at all costs. You deserve a relationship where you don’t feel confined or restricted to be a certain kind of person or to feel a certain way.

The perfect relationship (if it ever exists) is one that affords you the freedom to be who you really are. It’s the one that doesn’t place you in a state of perpetual anxiety; where you feel like you always have to be conscious of how you act or what you say. The best relationships have couples who are understanding, compassionate and empathetic.

They recognize their individual dreams and aspirations, and are supportive of them no matter what. They espouse a chemistry level that allows for seamless social synergy whenever they do anything together. These relationships have people who are confident in their abilities to overcome any challenges that come their way.

So how exactly do you know what kind of relationship the one you’re in falls under? Well, only you know for sure. No one knows your relationship better than you do. However, there are some hints that you could look out for to know where your relationship stands. If you feel comfortable doing any of these 5 things in your relationship, then chances are that you have a really good romantic partnership going on.

1. You voice out your opinions whenever you want.

When you’re in a good relationship, you always feel comfortable with voicing out your thoughts and opinions. You have a partner who recognizes the value of your ideas even though they’re different from their own. Your conversations are always insightful and deep because neither of you hold back and so there is a healthy exchange of ideas there. You always encourage dialogue among each other because you know that open communication is the bedrock for any strong relationship.

You’re also never afraid to confront your own feelings for each other, whether good or bad. This kind of honesty is always good for relationships because it enables you to be aware of where you both stand at all times.

2. You never feel like you have to censor or suppress who you really are.

The best kind of love is an unconditional one. If you’re in a loving relationship that places no conditions to the love that you share, then you should be happy. You both acknowledge each other’s imperfections but you don’t really care. You no longer hide anything from each other anymore because you both know that you will love each other no matter what. You should always be comfortable with being who you truly are because otherwise, you’d just be lying to yourself and to your partner. In fact, trying to act like someone else is a form of dishonesty, and no relationship can ever survive on a foundation of dishonesty.– Continue reading on the next page

3. You demand your own personal alone time.

Another thing that people in good relationships should be comfortable with doing is being able to demand some personal alone time. Yes, when you devote yourself to a relationship, your time is no longer entirely your own anymore. You always have to keep your partner in consideration at all times whenever you’re planning or scheduling. However, you should always be comfortable with telling your partner that you need some time alone. If you’re in a healthy relationship, your partner will understand and support your needs for space from the relationship. While all human beings are social animals, there’s no harm in asking for some solitude every once in a while.

4. You don’t shy away from confrontation.

The couples that are on the verge of breaking up will always shy away from confrontation. They avoid fights and disagreements as much as they can because they’re insecure about how strong their relationship really is. So they end up suppressing feelings and opinions to avoid any fights with each other. On the other side of the spectrum, the strong and healthy relationships have couples who aren’t afraid to engage in little squabbles with each other. That’s because these people know that they are in a relationship that is strong enough to withstand these little fights, and that they are mature enough to find a middle ground when they have disagreements.

5. You welcome change.

You should never be afraid to change and grow as an individual. Change is a natural part of life and you should always embrace it should it come for you. Sometimes, you need to able to change yourself if you want to adapt to the environment. You have to make some changes in the pursuit of your dreams and your partner should be supportive of that. The best kinds of relationships are welcoming to change because they know that their relationship can overcome whatever trials come their way.

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