5 Things That Your Man Is Secretly Thinking (But Would Never Tell You)

You might be so desperate when it comes to trying to figure out what’s going on in your man’s brain that you might want to take out an ice pick and just hack your way to the insides of his mind – and we advise you not to do that. Know that there are better and less violent ways to get your man to really open up to you about what’s on his mind. Or at the very least, there are better ways for you to sneak around and figure out what he’s really thinking without even having him say anything.

The worst thing that you could possibly do in this situation is force your man to open up to you about what he’s thinking even when he clearly doesn’t want to. You’re just going to drive him further and further into his shell. You’re only going to be wasting a lot of your energy by forcing him to open up to you even when he clearly doesn’t want to. Men really hate it when you go poking around how they feel. They don’t like the emotional investigations that you put them through. Yes, it’s true that men are just typically a lot worse at communication than most women are.

But you also have to know that you aren’t exactly improving the situation by making him feel bad about it; by compelling him to open up when he’s clearly uncomfortable with doing so. First of all, a lot of the time, men aren’t really thinking about things that are worth sharing. So, when you try to manufacture something out of nothing, it really frustrates him when you try to force the issue. There will also be times wherein he will be really thinking hard about something profound and personal; and he might just be too shy to share it to you. And then there will be times wherein he knows that the stuff that he’s thinking of are really going to make you angry;

and that’s when he REALLY doesn’t want to open up to you about what he’s thinking. And yes, you’re frustrated. You’re pissed off that he could ever feel like he has to hide things from you. But that’s just a sad part of life. You are not a mind-reader. And you AREN’T always going to be able to know what’s on his mind. But alas, that’s what this article is for. If you’re really curious as to what kind of stuff is going through his mind, then just read through this article. You’re going to get a better picture of the real intimacies that take place within a man’s brain.

1. “Why is my girl just so emotional all of the time?”

Sometimes, you might have a tendency to overreact in his eyes. You might be feeling emotional even when he feels like there’s no reason to be. And that’s when he’s going to just shut up and keep quiet. He doesn’t want to aggravate the situation.

2. “I wish she could give me a hint on what I’m supposed to do.”

He doesn’t want you to know that he doesn’t have a clue on what to do in your relationship. And even though he wants you to lead the way, he wouldn’t want to admit it.

3. “I really love you… but that other girl is pretty cute.”

You’re in love. You’re in a committed relationship with one another. But given that, you should know that it’s still possible for him to find other girls attractive. Of course, he would never admit this to you because it would cause too much drama. But as long as he doesn’t act on his attraction, there should be no problem.

4. “Stop complaining about everything!”

Sometimes, the nagging can really get out of hand. And when it does, it can really get on his nerves. But he wouldn’t want to make you erupt even further; so he’s just going to keep his feelings to himself. He doesn’t want to be adding any fuel to the fire.

5. “You definitely want me more than I want you.”

Naturally, this is something that he would never tell you. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. Even if he thinks that you do want him more than he wants you, he would never let you know that. He wouldn’t want to come off as completely narcissistic and arrogant.


You aren’t always going to be given a clear picture as to what your man is really thinking; but that’s okay. That’s part of the challenge of being in a relationship. That’s why the two of you must be making constant efforts to really get to know one another; to really connect to each other. You must always be trying your best to establish a certain sense of intimacy and love between the two of you. And the closer you get, easier it will be for you to figure out what the other is thinking.

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