5 Things To Keep In Mind If You Love Someone Who Has Anxiety

Leading experts and scientists in the field have described anxiety disorder to be an emotion that invokes feelings of stress and dread. Anxiety is also able to somehow bring about troubled thoughts and high blood pressure on those that are inflicted with this disorder. People suffering from anxiety really know just how devastating and terrible it is to deal with all of the unfortunate effects that come attached with this disease. Life is already difficult enough as it is. If you throw a little anxiety into the mix, it just makes everything a little harder to bear. And the unfortunate truth is that so many people are faced with problems of anxiety these days. Usually, people will want to treat their anxiety with help from licensed professionals or experts at mental health therapy.

But at the end of the day, one of the best ways to really treat anxiety is quality support from surrounding friends and family. If you know or love someone who is suffering from anxiety disorder, then you really need to keep these 5 things in mind.

1. Physical and Psychological Symptoms for Anxiety

Anxiety can actually be very easy to spot so as long as you know what it is you should be looking for. One of the initial signs that you really need to keep an eye out for is a fast pace of speaking. And usually, when a person talks at such a fast pace, induces shorter breath intervals for the individual at hand. Also, they might accompany all of this with frantic pacing or walking up and down a room. Sometimes, the anxiety can be manifested in the restlessness of hands and fingers. On top of that, there are a number of physical symptoms that can be presented as a result of anxiety as well. Sometimes, they won’t be so easy to spot either. Your loved one might be suffering from instantaneous headaches that just come out of the blue – and they don’t usually last for too long. Sometimes, nausea and tummy aches can also serve as signs for anxiety disorder within a person. A lot of times, sudden drops in a body’s temperature can be attributed to anxiety disorders as well. If you find that the person you love is exhibiting a lot of these symptoms, you have to find a way to relieve them. If you fail to do so, you risk allowing your partner to get into a full-scale anxiety attack.

2. Depression

Another MAJOR sign of anxiety disorder is depression. According to recent studies and findings, half of the people who are inflicted with anxiety disorder also suffer some form of depression. And it can be very dangerous whenever depression and anxiety come together to form some kind of super mental health problem for an individual. It can be really destructive and harmful to a person’s state of wellness. These people will tend to be really sacred to face the world; and that fear can drive them into inactivity, passivity, and apathy. And it can be really stressful trying to handle that kind of lifestyle. That’s why wen you notice that your partner is both anxious and depressed, you really need to show all-out support. You need to try to calm them however way you can especially when the condition starts to overwhelm them.

3. Socialization Issues

It shouldn’t come as a surprise by now to know that people with anxiety tend to not do so well in social environments and situations. Generally speaking, these people are going to feel absolutely overwhelmed and exhausted whenever they are forced to deal with large groups of people. A lot of us in the world are going to crave for some kind of social interaction. But people with anxiety would much prefer to calm their minds – and they wouldn’t really be able to do this if they’re forced into awkward social situations that cause them stress and fear.

4. Mental Illness Stigmas

There is no denying the growth and progress that have been made in the field of medical psychology. Left and right, people are gaining more and more understanding of what mental diseases are and the conditions that are associated with the people who are inflicted with these diseases. However, there are still a select few out there who are ignorant about mental illness. And you need to do your part in protecting your partner and yourself from the ignorance of other people. You need to be able to make sure that your partner doesn’t feel judged or discriminated upon. And a bulk of that relies on how you treat them.

5. Healthy Living

Sometimes, a dramatic shift towards positive physical health habits can do wonders to treat anxiety within a person. Even something as simple as getting someone to exercise more and eat healthier can really be beneficial to a person’s overall outlook on life. Add on top of that a good night’s sleep, and you are helping your loved one heal.

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