5 Things You Do Which Make You Wife-Material And 5 That Make You A Real Mess

Wifey material? ?

It’s often thought that women are typically the ones who spend years just dreaming about the kind of wedding that they’re going to have and the kind of man that they’re going to eventually spend the rest of their lives with.

Some women are even guilty of going out on a first date with someone, and then automatically envisioning how they would look like standing on the altar during the wedding. And well, it’s true for a lot of girls.

If you’ve ever gotten into a serious relationship with a man, then it’s highly likely that you’ve thought about (and maybe even talked about) the idea of just getting engaged in the future. It’s something that most long-term couples eventually gravitate towards doing.

And if you think that your relationship has a genuine shot at the future, then the idea of marriage has probably crossed your mind already. However, thinking about getting married and actually being ready to get married are two very different things.

If you’re in a stable relationship with a guy you love, you know that you eventually want to get married to him. But you also have to make sure that you are making a strong case for yourself. You have to be presenting yourself as a worthy prospect for marriage.

You want to make sure that you are actually someone who your guy would actually want to marry. And how do you do that? Well, you just have to make sure that you are making yourself wife-material. And you also want to make sure that you aren’t making a mess out of things.

1. You are wife material if you perform nice simple gestures for your boyfriend.

It’s really all about the little gestures that you can do for him on a daily basis. When you get married, it’s really going to be a grind. It’s a slow marathon, not a full-on sprint. So the little things that you do over the course of your everyday lives are very important.

2. You are a mess if you demand your boyfriend to spend all of his time with you.

You can’t expect your man to always be spending all of his time with you. It will make it seem like you have nothing else to do with your life; and that’s very unattractive. And it won’t make you look like a good potential wife.

3. You are wife material if you don’t pressure him into rushing through the relationship.

If you allow him to go at his own pace in your relationship, then that’s always a good sign. It shows that you are patient with him and that you understand his personal needs and expectations from you as well. It also shows great maturity.

4. You are a mess if you try to control how he lives his life.

You can’t be trying to control his every move if you expect him to want to marry you. You have to be able to grant him his freedom. You have to let him know that he can still be his own person even if he’s in a relationship with you.

5. You are wife material if you encourage him to pursue his dreams.

It’s always a good idea for you to be encouraging him to pursue his dreams. It will make him feel like he has a genuine partner in you; someone who wants what is best for him.

6. You are a mess if you take his love for you for granted.

You don’t really do your part in making sure that he is appreciated. You don’t do anything to make him feel like his actions towards you are validated. You take him for granted and he isn’t going to want to stick around for that.

7. You are wife material if you are able to act independently.

Yes, men like to feel needed in relationships. But you can’t be too needy either or else he won’t want to marry you. You need to be able to present yourself as a strong and independent woman who is capable of surviving on your own.

8. You are a mess if you don’t have any real dreams or direction in life.

You are wayward. You don’t have any real direction and that is going to make him feel very unsafe about sharing a future with you. He is going to want structure and stability from you.

9. You are wife material if you love him unconditionally.

Sometimes, it all boils down to unconditional love. And no marriages can survive without unconditional love. You have to make sure that you are with a man who really knows that you love him without reservations or restraint.

10. You are a mess if you can’t commit to him.

You always need to be able to commit to your man if you want to make things work. You need to stay focused on your marriage and you can’t let distractions derail you from a life of love and happiness together.

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