5 Things You Have To Be Honest With Your Partner About In Your 20s

You have to be able to come clean at an early stage so that you can freely float on by in your relationship for the rest of your lives.

The 20s are always going to be a fun period for any person’s life. It’s the real coming of age. You are thrust into the adult world and you feel liberated. You have all the energy and motivation in the world to go after the things that you want most in life: and that includes love. The period of dating in the 20s can be a really fun experience. It’s not like back in high school where everything just looked and felt like puppy love. And you’re not quite at the age where you are pressured to settle down and develop some structure in your romantic life. You are right at that sweet spot. You still have the freedom to go experiment and explore for a little bit before you actually decide to tie yourself down to someone. Dating in your 20s can be very dreadful but it can also be very exhilarating especially if you approach things with the right perspective. Just make sure to take everything in moderation and you’re going to turn out fine.

Now of course, in your 20s, you may not necessarily be feeling the pressure to tie things down with someone else just yet, but you have to be thinking about it. Remember it always pays off to be thinking about your future. That’s why you should make it a point to lay out a smooth foundation for your relationship in your 20s so that your future self won’t have to worry about any potential speedbumps or hurdles. So if you feel like you are in a relationship that actually has potential to be something in the future, then make sure you don’t let that opportunity go to waste. Be honest upfront about your intentions and start being truthful about other things as well. You don’t want to be forcing a relationship with another person while willingly withholding important information from one another. You have to be able to come clean at an early stage so that you can freely float on by in your relationship for the rest of your lives. Here are few things that you have to be honest with your partner about in your 20s.

1. You are part of a crazy and/or dysfunctional family.

If you have a crazy family, then it would probably be best to let your partner know early on. Of course, if you plan on marrying one another, you are going to have to meet each other’s families anyway. So you might as well get it out of the way. There’s no hiding the fact that your family is kind of eccentric. You have to be able to come clean on that front so that you don’t end up blindsiding your partner with the harsh truth. Of course, it would also help that you brace your partner before the actual introduction. 

2. You have had or are planning to get some work done on your body.

Plastic surgery is no longer as taboo as it once was but a lot of people still frown upon the practice. If you are the type of person who is fond of or is eventually planning to take part in the practice, then you have to be upfront about that too. When you reach your 30s and your 40s and you feel like you still want to preserve your youth by means of plastic surgery, then go ahead. Just make sure that this is something your partner won’t be taken aback with. Be honest about your plans early on and avoid any future debates and arguments regarding the matter. 

3. You are addicted to reality television.

Are you some kind of basic hillbilly who likes to lounge around on a couch while getting engrossed in the lives of other people? If so, then that’s really something that you have to bring up with your partner in a relationship. Imagine a few years down the line and you’re just hanging out in your shared living room. You want to watch a television show together. Your partner wants to binge on that new funny sitcom but you still want to watch those reality television shows. Avoid these arguments in the future and just bring it all out into the open right now. You are addicted to reality TV.

4. You don’t plan on having kids.

This is a sensitive issue for a lot of people and that’s probably why you are going to have to discuss it early on. You both have to be operating on the same wavelength when it comes to this aspect of the relationship. A lot of people go into relationships with the expectations that they are eventually going to have children together. That’s why a lot of trouble and potential turmoil can arise whenever those expectations are not being met. 

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