5 Things You Learn When You Break Up With Your First Love

First love and breakup, the best and worst experience of anyone’s life.В We all have gone through this and we all know how it feels.В What starts as a never-ending love story ends as an unexpected utterly painful heartache. First love is like a heart full of hope and faith that nothing in the world can break. You feel like yours is the divine kind of relationship they talk about in the movies.В But you are abruptly pulled to the ground when the only thing you thought was stable comes to an end.

No one really expects their first love to end, it’s one of those few shocks that send you in denial. Many people are actually lucky enough to have their first love as their only love but for others, I’d still go ahead and call them lucky, people like us, we are destined to lose the first love of our lives and are bound to learn a few hard lessons of our lives.В I will go ahead and call myself fortunate enough to learn some of the most important lessons of my life when I lost my first love to, well, life.В It was likely that, that relationship wouldn’t have lasted for a second in the real world. So I viewed my situation in a positive light and here is what I learned.

1. Nothing Is Forever

It was childish of me to think that my first relationship would last forever, nothing does. Now, that doesn’t mean we give up and take a backseat in life because life will happen the way it is supposed to happen, NO!
In fact, get on your feet again and make it worth it while. Why wait another day to tell someone you love them or how much they mean to you. Make sure you enjoy every moment of your relationship and cherish it because sometimes life happens and sometimes death. Parting could be either ways, so make every second count!

2. Sometimes All You Can Do Is Let Them Go

At times, we can’t see what is good for us but life works in its own magical way to make things work for you if you believe in them. So, have faith and let them go, not that you shouldn’t try hard to have them in your life, but if you have tried everything and there is nothing else left for you to show how much you want them in your life, just let them go. Maybe they weren’t meant to be in your life forever.

3. It Helps To Act Stupid And Crazy

First love is hard to forget and it takes every speck of energy and determination to help you forget them. Even then, you never forget them completely but you know what helps to accelerate the process?
Acting crazy and having fun, doing all the things you wouldn’t otherwise. It is an exhilarating exercise that will help you escape all the pain for some time. Soon, you will start enjoying this feeling so much that you would want to do it more and more till your heart heals. So spoil yourself, it’s all right to do so once a while.

4. The Heart Has A Lot Of Space And Love To Give It To Someone Else

On your journey to find true love again, you will realise that love doesn’t happen once. The myth that you only fall in love once in a lifetime is wrong. You move on and meet new captivating personalities and soon, your heart falls for someone else, that’s only human.В Do not think if you weren’t lucky the first time, you will not be lucky ever. That’s not how it goes.

5. Making Peace With Your First Love And Self Is The Only Way To Let It Go

Make peace with your first love, it is equally painful for your partner. Accept the fact that it was just wasn’t meant to be, holding grudges will always keep a part of you stuck with them for life.В Let go of the memories, the gifts and the pain they gave you, you will not be able to move on if you don’t let it all go.

All in all, try to look at it this way- you have got to know the bad to appreciate the good.В So don’t be hard on your own self, you have already been through a lot. Get yourself out there, somewhere, someone is waiting to find you!

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