5 Things You Need To Must Not Forget To Do At Your Wedding

They say that your wedding day is going to just pass you by in the blink of an eye. And you know what? It’s really true. And it’s almost unfair that that is even the case.

You spend so many months planning out this special day. You spend so many years just dreaming out this wonderful occasion with the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

And when the day comes, you don’t even get a chance to savor it the way that you want to. It shouldn’t be like that. And here’s a little secret: it doesn’t really have to.

Yes, it’s probable that your wedding day is going to be absolutely amazing. It’s going to be filled with so many activities, laughs, smiles, tears, and conversations.

But the thing about being bombarded by everything is that you might end up taking it all for granted. You might get overwhelmed by everything that is happening around you that you won’t really get a chance to pay attention to what’s going on.

You might not be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the day if you just allow yourself to get swept up in all of the hysteria.

You don’t want that. This is a special day. And you will want the memories of this day to last you a lifetime. Sure, you can hire a professional videographer to document this day for you so that you can always go back to it in the future.

But nothing beats the memories that you are just able to store in your mind. These are the memories that are going to be the most meaningful.

These are the memories that you will hold most dear. And one of the most effective ways that you can go about making sure that your memories stay with you is to make a mental check-list of all the stuff that you and your partner must do on the day of your wedding.

Sure, you can always go and have your fun dance as a couple. You can drink the night away after dinner. You can enjoy a few fun conversations with friends and loved ones.

But here are a few other things that you might want to make sure to do. Remember the day is going to pass you by fairly quickly and that’s why you have to pick your spots while you can.

1. Greet every single guest.

Be personal. These are all people who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to celebrate your romantic union. Show them that you are grateful for their presence by taking the time to actually greet every single one of them.

2. Take the time to actually eat the food at the wedding.

You probably spent a small fortune just to feed all of the people at your wedding. It doesn’t seem fair that you won’t get an opportunity to taste the food that you paid for.

So even though you and your husband are going to be busy, you should make it a point to actually eat all of that food as well. You spent so many months starving yourselves to fit into your suit and dress. Now is the time for you to reward yourself. No one is going to blame you for it.

3. Thank your vendors, planners, stylists, etc.

Sure, this wedding wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you and your spouse. But you definitely need to take the time to thank all of the people who helped make this day as amazing as it is. Thank all of the florists, stylists, photographers, caterers, and wedding organizers who helped you make this day so beautiful and wondrous. A little gratitude can always go along way.

4. Try to steal an intimate moment with your spouse and take it all in.

The both of you are at risk of actually forgetting what this day is all about – the two of you celebrating your love for one another. So try to steal a moment amidst all of the hysteria during the celebration to just be alone with one another. Even if you’re in a crowded room, have an intimate moment for yourselves to just take all of it in.

5. Just dance with your partner like no one else is watching.

It’s your wedding day. You don’t have to be the best dancer in the world. But you should still allow yourselves to have a good time. Once all of your responsibilities are complete, there is no beating just hitting the dance floor with your spouse.

Let the music take over your soul. Allow yourselves to just dance the night away and enjoy this memory with your closest friends and family. You’re never going to get this night back ever again and so you might as well just make the most of it.

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