5 Things You Need To Think About If You’re Contemplating Getting Back Together With Your Ex

There are a very few select cases wherein the romantic connections don’t exactly die off so instantaneously.

In the traditional sense, when you break up with your partner, then that’s essentially the end of things. Sometimes, there is some wiggle room to reform a friendship there but those instances are seldom. And one thing is definitely for sure, any romantic ties or connections are automatically ended. Cut off. Done. Enough. Finished. Well, at least most of the time.

There are a very few select cases wherein the romantic connections don’t exactly die off so instantaneously. There are some couples whose romantic stories don’t necessarily end after a breakup. While this can make things very complicated, it can also make for very interesting drama. Of course, you always go into a relationship with the best of hopes and the noblest intentions. 

You casually and gradually learn to grow more attached to another person and if things go well, those feelings of affection eventually blossom into something heavier and more real. And so you decide to get into a relationship with one another. You go through your honeymoon phase where everything seems all fine and dandy. 

You are at a happy place and everything seems to be going swell. But then the honeymoon phase gradually draws to a close and the real problems of a relationship start to rear their ugly heads. You are faced with your first challenges as a couple and you are really forced to keep things real with one another. And unfortunately, the challenges just become a tad too overwhelming for you and you end up coming to the decision to just walk away from your relationship. Your self-esteem and confidence levels are at an all time low and you are frightened about going back to that single life. You have gotten so used to being in a relationship with someone, regardless of how dysfunctional it may have been, that you don’t know what you would to as a single person.

And so these fears could lead you to doubt yourself and the decisions that you have just made regarding the end of your relationship. You end up second-guessing the choice that you’ve made to walk away from your partner and you start thinking about rekindling that flame. You start entertaining the idea of trying to fix things with your partner so that you can get back together and be a couple again.

But be very careful before you start walking down that path again. This article isn’t necessarily trying to discourage you from getting back together with your ex especially if you think you have a shot at making things work again. But its mere purpose is to remind you that you really have a lot of thinking to do before you come to any rash decisions. There’s nothing wrong with going over the important factors that go into making this decision so that you don’t end up regretting any actions you might take. Here are a few things that you need to think about if you are contemplating getting back together with your ex.

1. What was the reason that the both of you broke up in the first place?

If the reason for your breakup was something shallow, then maybe you have a chance at fixing things again. But if you find that the reasons that you broke u are still going to persist in a renewed relationship, then you have to ask yourself if you would be okay with those reasons in the future.

2. What changes have either of you gone through since you’ve broken up?

In connection with the previous entry, you have to try and see if either of you have undergone any substantial changes since you’ve broken up. For instance, if you broke up with your partner because you felt like your partner was immature, you can check and see if they have somehow matured since you ended things. If they didn’t, then it wouldn’t be a good idea to get back together.

3. Was the breakup and the relationship as a whole a toxic one?

If your relationship was a toxic one, and things look like they’re still going to be toxic in the future, then there’s not much to think about. You shouldn’t be getting back together at all. You would never want to deliberately place yourself back into a toxic environment for your sake.

4. Do you really see yourself being with your partner as you think about your future?

It’s all about how you see your future. If you think that you can’t imagine a future without your partner by your side, then maybe it really is worth a shot to try and fix things. But remember to never force the issue if it isn’t meant to be.

5. What do your loved ones have to say about you getting back together with your ex?

Lastly, try to heed the advice of your friends and family. They love you and they would always be looking out for your best interests.

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