5 Things Your Man Will Say To You When He Actually Cares About You

It’s very flattering to have a man say sweet, loving words to you. Almost every woman will feel her heart melting in a moment like that. But it’s probably time for women to sit back and really think about a man’s flattering words this way: how hard is it to say something sweet a woman he’s trying to woo? If you really think about it, it takes very little to nothing to say cloying, promising, hopeful things to someone.

“I love you”, “you’re my whole world” , “you are the reason behind my happiness” “you’re the most beautiful woman out there” “I can never get enough of you” “you’re my sunshine” “I’ll never let you go” “I can’t live without you”, “you’re my ride or die”. Does all that ring a bell? Have you heard them from a man before? Let me just tell you these aren’t the only winsome statements men make, there are literally a million more. Point is, it takes nothing for him to let these words out of his mouth, but it takes everything, but it takes everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to mean them. You’ll have almost every other man say things that make you blush, make your heart skip a beat and fall for him like none other but you’ll rarely ever have a man say these words and genuinely mean his words, keep those words and live by them. Now, he can mean everything from the bottom of his heart but if it doesn’t make you feel like you’re up in the clouds, if those words don’t sound like music to you then you’re not into him. You can even have equally sweet replies to give, but it won’t change the fact that he has failed to make you fall for him.

When a man any of those things to you, he’ll say it differently when he doesn’t mean it than when he actually means it. There are things that when told to a woman, only mean something when she truly loves them. It’s not the same thing when he says it without you feeling strongly about him. If he likes you, but you don’t like him, all the beautiful, heartfelt things he says won’t make you feel all that great. The girl has to feel something for him too. She has to really, really like him. She should be wanting him and be daydreaming about him to care about what he’s saying really. These statements, no matter how beautiful don’t hold any value at all if the woman doesn’t like the man they’re coming from. The next time you just can’t feel it when he’s being sweet like that, know that you don’t really care about him.
Here are some statements men that will only be meaningful if you’re seriously into him, otherwise no matter how hard he tries to woo you, his efforts and attempts will fall short because hey, if the special words aren’t words are coming from a not-so-special guy, then there’s no way this guy can make you fall.

1. I love you:

When a man says “I love you” to a woman, he expects she has already fallen for him. He likes to think he has already won her over but that isn’t always the case. The fact of the matter is that women will not fall for it if they aren’t interested in you. They’ll barely even take notice, but a woman starts to blush and smile uncontrollably the moment a man says he loves her, she’s already head over heels for him.

2. You’re beautiful:

Did he call you beautiful? Has he said he can’t take his eyes off you? And what about “I just can’t get enough of you.” men are very used to just throwing these compliments around without realizing the girl doesn’t really give a shit and it won’t work like magic on her if she doesn’t give a sh*t about the guy.

3. I miss you

Yea sure it sounds like his heart is breaking from not having you around, but if it doesn’t make you want to tell him you miss him too, that you love him and care for him, you’re not on the same page as him.

4. You make my day

If you like or love him, these words will have you swooning, your face will hurt from how much they will make you smile. But they’ll sound as ordinary as a “hello” if you can’t seem to like him as he does.

5. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

That should make you feel like a princess. Like a freaking blessing. If it doesn’t then well, you might be the best thing that happened to him, but he’s far from being the best thing that has happened to you for sure.

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