5 Times It’s Okay To Be Single And 5 Times Where You Have To Worry

In today’s modern society, a lot of people find it important to land themselves in romantic relationships. You may look all around you and you see so many people who are in love; so many people who have been bitten by the love bug. You see that the media is shoving love and romance down your throat with so many Hollywood chick flicks and sappy love songs. You are told that you’re going to get your time someday. You are reassured that you are bound for love. But here you are. You’re waiting and you’re starting to grow really impatient. But here’s the truth: you shouldn’t feel so bad about being single.

You shouldn’t feel like you’re completely worthless just because you aren’t in a relationship. Sure, you might not be having a fairytale narrative in your life right now; but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life worth living. You don’t have to be in a relationship just to feel like your life is valid. That’s not necessarily how it works. Think about it this way, when you’re single, you get all of the freedom that you want. You don’t have to tie yourself down to someone. You don’t have to handcuff yourself to any single person.

You also get a chance to spend some time with yourself; to get to know yourself better; to love yourself more. Of course, there are some downsides to being single as well. And sometimes, it’s going to get a point wherein you will have to panic about the state of your love life (or lack thereof). So how do you know when it’s okay to be single and when it’s time for you to panic? Well, here are a few things that you could be on the lookout for.

1. It’s okay to be single when you really haven’t met anyone who interests you.

You shouldn’t be forcing it with anyone who just doesn’t interest you. You need to stay patient. You can’t force yourself into falling in love with someone just because you think you need to already be in a relationship.

2. You should be worried that you’re single if you’re just waiting in vain for someone.

Sometimes, people just aren’t worth waiting for. Sure, there are some prospects who would make for really great partners; and you should always be willing to wait a bit for them. But it also gets to the point where waiting becomes futile.

3. It’s okay to be single when you don’t really know what you’re supposed to be looking for.

If you don’t exactly know what you want out of life and relationships just yet, then you shouldn’t really be forcing it with anyone. Take some time to figure out your needs and expectations first.

4. You should be worried that you’re single if love just scares you.

You should never be afraid of love. Sure, getting hurt can be scary. You don’t want to feel the pain of heartbreak. But know that love is always going to be worth that risk.

5. It’s okay to be single when you feel like you need to heal on an emotional level.

If you’re still trying to recover from a previous failed relationship, then it’s okay for you to take some time to heal. You shouldn’t be rushing into anything if your wounds are still fresh.

6. You should be worried that you’re single if you’re just worried that you don’t know how to date.

Here’s the secret: no one ever really knows what they’re doing when they’re dating. So, you shouldn’t let that intimidate you. You should still be willing to try things out and learn as you go.

7. It’s okay to be single when you feel like your relationships will get in the way of your dreams.

You shouldn’t be so quick to settle for relationships if you know that you have a lot of things on your plate. You shouldn’t have to give up on your dreams to make way for your relationship. You should only be in a relationship that can coexist with your goals and ambitions.

8. You should be worried that you’re single if you’re too scared to explore outside of your comfort zone.

You shouldn’t let your reluctance to go beyond your comfort zone be what keeps you from finding true love. Remember that love can come from anywhere; it doesn’t always have to come from unexpected places.

9. It’s okay to be single if you’re having fun and you don’t want to change that.

Don’t rush. You love the life that you have and you don’t have to automatically give up that fun just because you want to pressure yourself into dating.

10. You should be worried that you’re single if you’re just doing it to prove some kind of weird point.

If you just want to prove your independence or something like that, then it’s foolish. You can be in a relationship and still be an independent person.

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