5 Topics You And Your Partner Should Be Okay With Talking About

Always be open to discussion.

It’s perfectly normal for a lot of couples to hesitate when it comes to bringing up certain topics during conversations. There are just some subjects that are really difficult to talk about and it can make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. Of course, you don’t want to do anything to rock the boat in your relationship, and so you will try to veer away from these uncomfortable topics so as not to make your partner uneasy in any way. 

A lot of these topics are downright worthy of major cringe, and so it’s expected for you to want to avoid talking about them at all costs. You would never want to be the cause for awkwardness in a relationship with a person that you’re falling in love with. You know that this awkwardness can often lead to conflict and you have been led to believe that all forms of conflict are bad for a relationship. You have seen couples end relationships because of major arguments and you certainly don’t want to end up like them. And so you will try your best to avoid any possible triggers.

But that’s the problem. That is the wrong approach to communication in a relationship. Sometimes, there are just certain conversations that NEED to be had whether you like it or not. Often, the topics that make you uncomfortable as a couple are topics that you need to actually tackle if you want to make sure that your relationship stays strong and sturdy. You have to be reminded that not all things worth having in life ever come easily. That’s why as uncomfortable as it may be to be having these conversations with the person you love, you should always make it a point to never put them off.

So even though a lot of these topics will make you feel awkward and uncomfortable (and sometimes, it may even be the source of a potential argument), you are still going to have to talk.

1. Previous flames and relationships.

It’s awkward to talk about exes, but eventually, you’re both going to have to be mature about it. You’re lucky if you’re both each other’s first relationship partners, but if you aren’t, you have lots of talking to do with one another. It can get very uncomfortable for people to talk about exes especially when it took them a significant amount of time and effort to get over their breakups. But if you’re going to want to welcome a new and very important person into your life, you are going to have to give that person a glimpse into your past. And that includes romantic history as well. 

2. Financial habits and responsibilities.

Money is also another tricky subject but it’s definitely not something you can just choose to ignore. Pragmatically speaking, you are going to have to talk about the state of your finances if you want a shot at a long-term relationship with one another. You don’t necessarily have to talk about sharing a bank account right away, but you will want to be open to each other about your spending habits and your financial situations (like if you have any debts or whatnot). It’s also a great form of trust to be able to share these intimate details with each other. 

3. Career plans.

Again, if you are thinking about the long-term relationship that you want for yourselves, you are definitely going to have to talk about your plans for the future concerning your careers. You will have to come to terms with the fact that you are both still living individual lives outside of your relationship and you should both be supportive of each other’s dreams. You must also make sure that your relationship never gets in the way of one another’s dreams and vice versa. There must always be a healthy balance between work and love life. 

4. The desire (or lack of) to procreate and build a family.

For a lot of people, the desire (or lack thereof) to have kids in the future can either make or break a relationship. So even if it’s early on in your romance, you are going to want to know where your partner stands on this issue. And it’s not just about whether your partner would be willing to have kids in the future. You also have to be able to gauge if you and your partner see eye to eye on the eventual size of your family. You don’t want to have to discover that you share fundamental differences in this aspect of your relationship when it’s too late. 

5. Future living arrangements.

Lastly, like real estate, love is all about location, location, location. You have to be discussing your future living arrangements if you are seriously thinking about spending the rest of your lives together. While nothing is going to be set in stone, it’s still something you have to be able to discuss no matter how awkward it may be. 

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