5 Truths About Relationships That Most Men Have Difficulty Accepting

There are just certain people who don’t really like to accept the fact that relationships are complicated and that they’re not always going to be simple. All relationships are always going to carry with them their fair share of difficulties and trials. No relationship is ever going to go through pure smooth sails. There are bound to be a few rocky stretches and that’s okay.

But some people are too stubborn. Some people cling to prejudices and theories that have no substantiation behind them. That’s wrong. And it’s very dangerous when you carry these kinds of faulty philosophies with you into your relationships. If you go into a relationship with these ignorant beliefs and philosophies, then you’re not really going to be putting yourself in a good position to sustain these relationships.

And this article is going to target men in particular. Because a lot of the beliefs that are listed here are actually the beliefs that most stubborn men tend to cling to as they enter relationships. If you are a guy who is reading this, then try to open up your mind a little bit. Make sure that you don’t cling to these false ideas or else you are going to end up missing out on enjoying your relationships to the fullest.

Here are a few common truths about relationships that some guy just need to learn to accept.

1. A good relationship must always be built with a lot of effort.

There is no healthy relationship in the world that could possible survive without effort. No relationship is ever going to be filled just easy walks in the park. Relationships will force couples to really double-down on their efforts time and time again.

If you think that the right kind of relationship is one that is easy, then you have another thing coming. Even the strongest and happiest of relationships are going to require a lot of effort from the people who are in them.

2. You don’t “own” the person you get into a relationship with.

It’s okay for you to feel territorial in your relationship to a certain extent. Of course, you would always want your girl to feel like you are willing to fight to keep them in your life. You want hem to know that you don’t take any threats to your relationship lightly.

However, there is a difference between being territorial and controlling. You don’t OWN your girl. She is still her own person and she is still entitled to making her own decisions in life that are independent from what you might want. You must always be willing to respect her freedom and individuality even if the two of you are already in a relationship.

3. You have a partner, not a servant.

Remember that your partner is there to love you and take care of you, but they are not there to be your servant. You can’t be treating your partner like a personal maid. She isn’t going to look after you as if she’s being paid to do so. You still need to be able to pick up after yourself. She isn’t a woman whose sole purpose is to do your chores for you.

Treat her like a partner. Remember that you are a team and you need to approach life like a team. You need to work together to make sure that the two of you lead comfortable and happy lives.


4. You really need to learn to express your feelings and emotions more.

You must learn to express your feelings and emotions if you really want your relationship work. A lot of guys have this problem in relationships. They don’t like to talk about their feelings and they like to keep their emotions bottled up inside.

But that is always an unhealthy practice. There is no way that you are going to be able to operate on the same page if you and your partner don’t communicate about your feelings and emotions. You can’t expect your partner to just automatically know what you’re feeling or thinking without opening up to them about it.

5. You have to leave your ego at the door.

In any kind of relationship wherein you want to get close and intimate with your partner, you are going to have to learn to leave your ego at the door. There is no room for pride or arrogance in a romantic relationship. If you are looking to accommodate this new human being into your life, then you need to make sure that you let your pride go.

Having a big ego can make it very difficult for you to find a middle-ground with your partner. It can be hard for you to meet them halfway if you are just always thinking about what is best for you. Be humble and accept that you’re not perfect.

  1. Leave the ego at the door.
    This rule is for females to think about not males.
    This days this is a female issue, trying to rule over males

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