5 Truths About The Girl Who Acts Like She Doesn’t Care

She’s a strong girl. She has a lot of guys. She has everything that you could ever look for in a woman. In fact, she has so much power inside of her; and you can just tell that she has unlimited potential. You fell in love with her and it’s really no secret why. There are so many facets of her personality that are just downright adorable and attractive. The moment that you first met her, you were automatically smitten by her. You’ve never met a woman like her. You’ve never seen anyone like her. She carries herself with a certain class and poise that not many people have. She was marching to the beat of her own drum and you really liked that about her. She seemed like the kind of girl who just didn’t really care about what anyone had to say about her. She was living life by her own rules and you so desperately wanted to be a part of it.

Jump a little bit to the present and here you are, you have her. You’re in a relationship together. You think that you’re going to live a life of eternal bliss with one another. But there’s one thing that you might not have really realized since the two of you met. She isn’t the type of girl who really opens up to anyone in life. It’s really hard for her to let herself be vulnerable to someone else. She finds it really difficult to open herself up to getting hurt. She wants to find love with someone, but she knows that finding love means having to be weak towards someone else. And that’s what really frightens her the most.

But, as a guy who was really into her, you might not have really picked up on the signs. You might not have seen the signals. But here’s the news: she really loves you. Yes, she acts all coy and disinterested. She acts all closed off and distant. She acts like she doesn’t care much about what you have together. You somehow get the sense that you’re not all that important to her. She always acts on her own terms, and so you practically think that you don’t have any space in her life. You think that she’s not really interested in letting you in.

However, it’s important to note that just because she acts like she doesn’t care much about you, that’s not really the case. You have to know that the strongest women in your life, the ones who put so much effort into trying to act tough, powerful, and strong, they are the ones who are the most insecure and vulnerable. The truth is not that they don’t care; it’s just that they really don’t want to put themselves in a position to get hurt.

However, if you’re the lucky man that has managed to win her heart, then there are a few things that you really need to know about her if you want to keep her.

1. She is very cautious about the pace of your relationship.

She isn’t going to want to take things too quickly with you. She isn’t going to seem too eager at first. And that’s why you’re just going to have to be patient with her. That’s why you need to be as understanding as possible.

2. She has been disappointed so many times in the past.

She has dealt with disappointment so many times in the past. She is the kind of woman who has so many high standards and expectations from the people she meets. She expects so much from the people she lets into her life. However, that’s also the reason that she gets disappointed a lot.

3. She wants to see if you’re willing to put in the effort for her.

She is trying to test you. She has let so many people in her life before; people who actually weren’t worthy of being there. And she ended up regretting letting those people in. And she doesn’t want to make that same mistake with you. She wants to see if you’re really going to be worth it.

4. She is actually more sensitive than you might think.

She may not act like she’s a very sensitive and emotional person. She may not seem like the type of girl who lets her emotions get the best of her. And for the most part, she has a really good grasp of her feelings. However, she’s just really good at hiding them from others. She still feels things intensely.

5. She really does care.

Just because you think that she doesn’t care doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily the case. She genuinely cares. She really DOES care. She might even care TOO much. And that’s why she’s scared. That’s why she’s taking extra steps to stay guarded. It’s because she cares so much about you.

  1. ..or she just doesn’t care and she is cheating on you. No point being with a person who cannot communicate.

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