5 Undeniable Signs That Your Woman Is Cheating On You

Before we delve into this article, it might be important for you to take a long hard look at the statistics for a little bit. In a recent survey, around 74% of women have claimed to have been in emotional affairs outside of their marriages. Around 65% of women said that they engaged in infidelity because they had been experiencing problems in their relationships. And more than half of women have said that they have cheated on their spouses more than just once.

There are plenty of signs and red flags that your wife may be cheating on you. Some of these signs take the form of behavioral changes, defensiveness, and secrecy. But you probably already know about these signs and red flags from stories that you’ve heard from friends and family.

But this is a different age that we are living in now. We are now in the era of social media and technology. It’s so much easier to actually engage in extramarital affairs these days. However, it’s also a lot easier to pick up on a cheater’s trail of clues.

The question is how far are you willing to take your investigative efforts? You want to respect your wife’s privacy and you want to trust her. But you also want to listen to your intuition whenever it tells you that something is just off. You know that you want to avoid all of the mess that is involved with snooping around. But you don’t want to be played for a fool either. What else can you do? What are you supposed to do?

Well, it might be best to focus on a few simple signs that will present themselves naturally every so often in your relationship. You just have to make sure that you always stay observant. You really need to pay attention to the little things that she does on a daily basis. That way, even when the slightest of changes take place, you will know whether something fishy is going on or not.

But before we delve into the signs of whether your wife might be cheating on you or not, it might be best to know a few facts and numbers surrounding cheating and infidelity for now:

  • There are studies that show that around 30-60% of American people engage in infidelity or unfaithfulness at some point throughout their marriage.
  • Research has confirmed that it is perfectly possible for a human being to develop emotional bonds and connections for more than just one person at a time.
  • There is also research that suggests that biologically speaking, it is inherently difficult for a human being to stay loyal and faithful in a relationship. However, it’s not entirely impossible either.
  • Men are more likely to cheat in a relationship than women.
  • Almost everyone admits to daydreaming or fantasizing about being involved with other people aside from their actual spouses.
  • The initial decision to actually act unfaithfully in a relationship is rarely ever a rational one. A lot of the time, it is triggered by a person’s emotional response to certain circumstances and problems surrounding the relationship. A lot of people who engage in infidelity are actually surprised by their own actions and feelings.

So, without much further ado, here are the 5 undeniable signs that your girl is cheating on you:

  1. She gets really experimental with you in the bedroom. She is going to start doing things with you that she has never done before. And weirdly enough, she does them really well too.
  2. She starts to distance herself from you in both a physical and emotional capacity. She doesn’t really seem like she’s available or accessible to you anymore.
  3. She becomes a lot more secretive about her whereabouts, companions, and activities. She doesn’t want to give you too much info so that you won’t get to piece the puzzle together in your mind.
  4. She doesn’t feel any sense of possessiveness, anger, or jealousy in your relationship anymore. She doesn’t feel invested or territorial in your relationship at this point.
  5. She acts on autopilot in your relationship. She’s essentially emotionally out of it.


At the end of the day, it’s always rough whenever you discover that your woman has acted unfaithfully. It’s a stab to the heart. It’s painful and it’s not something that you would ever have expected to find yourself in. And yet, here you are.

But in spite of the pain, you need to know that not all is lost. Life still goes on. And you have a decision to make here. It’s either you stay and you try to find a way to forgive your partner so that you can make it work or you just walk away from the situation entirely. Either way, you need to put a lot of thought into what you’re going to do.

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