5 Women Reveal How They Knew That Their Guy Was “The One” For Them

How do you know that you’re with the one?

When it comes to love, we must be mature enough to recognize that it isn’t going to be as simple as it seems. We meet someone, we develop a liking for that person, and we try to establish a kind of connection with this individual.

And if they’re willing, we try our best to really cultivate this connection to the best of our abilities. Gradually, we allow ourselves to become more and more vulnerable with them – and with that we break down the walls of our personalities and our lives so that we can let them in.

And that’s part of being able to fall in love with someone; you open yourself up to the risk of getting hurt because you know that that is what it takes to really get closer to another human being. And the more you love someone, the higher the risk that you’re willing to take.

And that’s exactly what love is: it’s a risk. But that’s okay. That’s why love is also highly sought-after. Because when you do it right, the risk really pays off. And you are blessed with the single most beautiful thing that you could ever experience in this life.

However, there are some unfortunate times where the risk doesn’t pay off – and you do end up being hurt. Things don’t work out and you know that it’s because you probably fell in love with the wrong person. And whenever that happens, you pick yourself up and you try again.

Because you’re always supposed to be willing to try again for love. But you are smarter and wiser this time. You’ve learned from the mistakes of your past and you use these lessons to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes with future relationships.

And hopefully, with constant growth and development, you eventually mature into a woman who is equipped with the temperament and courage to actually sustain a love with someone who is just as mature and ready.

Not all of us are going to be lucky enough to get love right on the first try. But there are some people who are just so fortunate to fall in love with one person – and have that person be the one that they spend the rest of their lives with.

It’s a rare occurrence and that’s what makes it so unfair to those who are just struggling to find the love that they believe they are deserving of. But that’s life. Some are just naturally luckier than others.

But it’s all about the destination. You just eventually want to get to a place of stability and dependability with someone. You want to be in a relationship with someone who you know you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life with.

And how exactly do you know for sure that you’ve found that person? How can you say that the person you’re with is the person you’ve always been destined to find? Well, it can vary for a lot of us. And it’s always going to be up to you to decide on that matter.

But if you want to hear the stories of how other women realized that they found “the one” for them, then you’ve come to the right place.

“He taught me that it was okay to be honest and to ask for what I wanted in life.” – Cleo, 28

He was the one who gave me my voice. He made me realize that just because I love another person doesn’t mean that I always have to put that person’s needs above my own. He always made me feel free and safe to express whatever I needed from him – and he always tried his best to deliver.

“I realized that I didn’t like who I was whenever we weren’t together.” – Christina, 25

I just always felt like he was the person I needed to help me be the person I wanted to be. I always felt incomplete and less of myself whenever he wasn’t around. I always turned to him to help me find myself more.

“He always asked for my permission before he would do anything involving my body.” – Angelica, 54

He respected me so much. And it’s so hard to find people who really know what respect means these days. Everyone always feels so entitled nowadays. But him; he always made sure that he was worthy of me before he did anything.

“He minimized the drama and he made everything so easy for me.” – Kristine, 26

It was just so easy. I literally couldn’t find an excuse to not love him. That’s how easy he managed to make it for the both of us. And I haven’t been proven wrong just yet.

“He was there for me even when he had no reason to be.” – Joanna, 35

He was always consistent with me. He was there for me when it was good; and he was there for me when times were bad. He had every excuse to not show up. He didn’t have to help me out during my darkest and lowest moments. But he did. And that’s when I knew that he really was the one.


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