50 Beautiful and Perfectly Executed Tattoo Ideas

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When tattoos first emerged in the 18th century, they used to be associated with criminal-minded individuals and freaks. However, this perception changed with time, and now almost 38 percent of people have at least one tattoo.

Why do people get tattoos? It is believed that a tattoo describes your personality. Often times people get tattoos as symbols of self-expression. Some people use these permanent designs as amulets, spiritual beliefs, declarations of love or hatred, or even punishment.

Nowadays, people have become quite creative with their tattoo ideas and get unique and creative carvings done based on their liking and emotional state.

So, if you are also thinking about inking your skin, here are some most creative tattoo ideas that some people have thought of and got executed perfectly.

Here are 50 of the best tattoos:

1. Done by Lincoln McKnuckles, Liberty Bell Tattoo Parlour, Grimsby, England.

Source: u/SnackBait on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

2. Cat clown girl done by me @schuylertattoo at Tramp Art Studios in Savannah, GA

Source: u/schuylertattoo on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

3. Reaper in a Bottle, by Kenny Brown @ Jack Browns Tattoo Revival, fxbg VA

Source: u/Wildestfern on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

4. SSJ Gogeta by me at Fallen Heroes, in Kissimmee FL!

Source: u/TatsByBeatrice on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

5. Octopus tiger, done by heeno_tattoer in Seoul, South Korea

Source: u/princesslkenny on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

6. Calvin and Hobbes embroidery patch by Duda Lozano in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Source: u/Reddit__PI on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

7. My new hamburger tattoo by @doe.ink at Kodama studio, Reykjavík, Iceland

Source: u/SorryChef00 on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

8. Medusa Tattoo done by Greg at Drip Tattoo Collective

Source: u/ririyare on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

9. My Instagram @mus.tattoo

Source: u/marcelust on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

10. Seahorse in a bubble frame by @julesgracetattoos at @urbanstattoo in Arlington, TX

Source: u/juliagraceless on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

11. My Grandma & Grandpa – by Eli Wood at Lombard Street Tattoo in Portland!

Source: u/sydken on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

12. 2 full days for matching dragons done by Jade Stephenson at Halifax Tattoo, UK

Source: u/izabela256 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

13. Ik this is kinda basic, but it’s my 1st one. Fozi Tattoos, Chennai, India.

Source: u/BigMan-31 on reddit.com/r/tattoos

14. Got an upgrade a few months ago. Original done in 2008. Done in Washington DC

Source: u/whiskey_women_blues on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

15. My LOTR Tattoo by Rob at Unify Tattoo in Saint Augustine, FL

Source: u/JLAW91 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

16. Candle burning at both ends, Gian Karle, Seven Horses Tattoo, Concord NH

Source: u/locriantoad on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

17. Flowers by Mambo Tattoo in Italy in his “DESTRULISTIC” style.

Source: u/shanil55 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

18. My husband passed away in Oct. He was my lobster by Teri at Animated Canvas SC

Source: u/deediddle18 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

19. Dripping black rose, done by me (sewp) at Sang Bleu Tattoo Zürich

Source: u/Goose360 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

20. First tattoo. 3 full day sessions. By Nik Lucas at Art Collector Tattoo. LA

Source: u/nlucastattoo on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

21. Xiaolongbao tattoo by Guang at Kevin Tattoo in Taipei, Taiwan

Source: u/dartdartdartdart on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

22. My Rebecca Tattoo – Patrick Goodwin @ Hillsborough Street Tattoo Raleigh NC

Source: u/Erynor_on reddit.com/r/nerdtattoos/comments

23. My Circe thigh piece by Zaeno (@zaeno.tattoo) at Studio Yasaeng in Seoul, SK.

Source: u/lokirie on reddit.com/r/tattoo/comments

24. My new patch style Hellmo tattoo, done by Richard McCann, Swansea, Wales

Source: u/welsh-vault-dweller on reddit.com/r/TattooDesigns/

25. My Geometric Cyberpunk-inspired Sleeve – Done by Jon @ Golden Iron Tattoo Studio [Toronto, Canada]

Source: u/1SK on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

26. Done on my calf by Russell @findyoursmiletattoo when he was visiting Everblack Studio NYC, healing really nice he crushed it

Source: u/Fun_Action_9565 on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

27. My spiral girl tattoo by junji ito! done by Jordan Vorhees in York, Pa

Source: u/MimikMimiks on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

28. First tattoo. Done by Bill at Pearl City Lounge, Muscatine, IA.

Source: u/No_Outcome2321 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

29. My first tattoo by Liz Glitz from Frequency Tattoo in Philadelphia, PA

Source: u/xMeepxx on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

30. First tattoo, made by Von Cotta tattoo at Custom Made Ink in Ørestad Denmark

Source: u/Hero_Kian on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

31. First tattoo. By Rita Red at Ink and Wheels, Lisbon – Portugal

Source: u/DaniD10 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

32. Very first tattoo done wonderfully by Casey at S’moore Ink in Dallas, NC

Source: u/DevilsArmada01 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

33. Head Tattoo, original design by me. Shop in homer Alaska “Spotted fox tattoo”

Source: u/Flight_Negative on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

34. Finally got my ears (and my face) tattooed. Done by Denyse Labarca at New Edge Ink in New West, BC.

Source: u/seymourbutts____on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

35. Tiny Face Jesus by Will Thomson, Heritage Tattoo, Brighton UK

Source: u/Ok-Pumpkin-646 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

36. Kuzco’s Poison by Laura McClintock at Nevermore Tattoos, Stirling, Scotland.

Source: u/notable_tart on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

37. Narsil done by Katrina at In Your Face Tattooz in WI

Source: u/giant_lasagna on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

38. Entropy by Cavan@GritnGlory, NYC

Source: u/Itsjustcavan on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

39. Flower Crow Alien by Gyeong, Guest Artist at Macondo Tattoo, NYC

Source: u/pepperpotin on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

40. Phew, back tatt by valkyrie tattoo studio Milford, CT artist Vicki Kochiss

Source: u/lavendervanillaa on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

41. Geometric microrealism done by amazing artist Evan Summers at Bang Bang NYC.

Source: u/Dismal-Fig-731on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

42. My beautiful dragon from Stef at Fatty’s in Washington DC!

Source: u/Adra1481 on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

43. Iron Giant done by Steve Pfal, 138 tattoo, Gloucester, Va

Source: u/bennybo on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

44. Floral Hand Tattoo by Dedrick Elles at American Pride Tattoos in Clarkston, MI

Source: u/HeyJimMorrison on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

45. Tigueron by guest artist Luka Regenerate at The Grand Reaper in San Diego, CA.

Source: u/trashmanivxx on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

46. Kawaii Giraffe by Mattia Calvi at Mambo tattoo shop in Meda, Italy

Sources: u/kendallhx_on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

47. Rate my tattoo? I’m feeling really self conscious about it. Was going for a creepy-cute vibe – Done Anarchy Tattoo studio in Abrantes Portugal

Source: u/crowie on reddit.com/r/tattoo/

48. Did I hear Squirtle squad? Yes, I like Indian motorcycles. Jimmy from Hart and Huntington in Orlando did this in less than three hours

Source: u/LongtomyCox on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

49. Instagram: RobertSchneiderArt / Germany – Düsseldorf / DarkArt Studio / fully healed

Source: u/RobertCutter on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

50. Superman by Ryan at Cobra Custom Tattoo, Plymouth, MA – This picture is after about a year.

Source: u/Cant-all-be-winners on reddit.com/r/tattoos/

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