50 Little Things That Matter To Women Even Though Men Don’t Realize It

It’s the little things that count.

1. When you give her compliments on a new haircut, a piece of clothing, or a new manicure. It may be a small thing to you, but it’s a big thing for her.

2. When you write her little honest love letters about how much you love and appreciate her being in your life.

3. When you tell her that a certain piece of art, a song, a nice poem, or a book reminds you of her and the story that you have shared together.

4. When you bring home some of her favorite food from a restaurant she likes just because you happened to pass by there.

5. When you send her texts first thing in the morning just to let her know that she’s the first thing you think of when she wakes up.

6. When you actually make the effort to greet her family and friends on important dates like anniversaries and birthdays.

7. When you take responsibility for a lot of the household chores so she has less things to worry about.

8. When you tell her that she looks pretty after putting in a lot of work in front of the mirror.

9. When you willingly agree to go to the mall and buy her girly items for her when she’s too tired to do so herself.

10. When you take a genuine interest about her life and ask her how her day has been.

11. When you let her take control of the car stereo whenever you’re on long drives together.

12. When you willingly let her into your world by not hiding anything from her at all.

13. When you keep little simple mementos from all the special moments that you share with one another.

14. When you make compromises even when you don’t want to just because you know it would make her happy.

15. When you consult her first before coming to very important life-changing decisions.

16. When you invite her to go and meet your family and make her feel like she’s included.

17. When you tell her that she’s the most beautiful girl that you have ever seen in your life.

18. When you post pictures of the two of you on your social media pages even though you don’t like using social media too much.

19. When you kiss her out of the blue just because you want to make her feel your love.

20. When you tell her that you love her just before you say goodbye.

21. When you make sure to always pleasure her in bed.

22. When you hold her hand whenever you’re walking down the street together.

23. When you buy her surprise books or concert tickets that you know would make her really happy.

24. When you actually engage in a conversation with her about something that you’re not interested in just because she’s very passionate about it.

25. When you make an effort to have her friends actually like you and accept you into their social circle.

26. When you come to her rescue during times when she feels particularly hurt or vulnerable.

27. When you brag about her to your friends and family.

28. When you make her feel like she’s really pretty even though she’s only wearing an oversized tee and sweatpants.

29. When you support her in the pursuit of her dreams and aspirations.

30. When you go down on her.

31. When you still abide by the gentlemanly rules of chivalry.

32. When you say that you’re sorry to her when you know that you’ve really screwed up.

33. When you take the extra time and effort to plan a special kind of date with her.

34. When you try and stay up late at night just to keep her company because she isn’t really sleepy yet.

35. When you snuggle with her while you’re lying on the couch or bed together.

36. When you actually remember her favorite brands of makeup and perfume so you can go out and buy it for her.

37. When you let her take ownership of most of the bed real estate even though it makes you uncomfortable.

38. When you playfully comb through her hair with your hands.

39. When you passionately open up to her about your day and you really give her a detailed perspective on your life.

40. When you watch a TV show that she loves with her even though you hate it.

41. When you help carry her bag while she’s shopping.

42. When you let her fall asleep on your chest or shoulder.

43. When you actually cook breakfast for her.

44. When you treat her pets as if they’re your own.

45. When you let her borrow your clothes even though you know she’s never returning them.

46. When you share your food with her.

47. When you sing to her even though you have a bad singing voice.

48. When you give her surprise hugs.

49. When you wear clothes that she buys for you.

50. When you tell her that you love her more than anything.

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  1. When you stand by her when aunt flo visits,and even give her a warm bath(clean her blood) and anoint her during this troubling time.

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