50 Savage and Funny Text Messages From Exes Who Haven’t Moved on

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Breakups are always hard, especially when you have genuine feelings for the other person. It’s not easy for many people to move on from one relationship to another, depending on their attachment and intimacy with their ex-partner.

When texting your ex after your breakup, experts often advise you to steer clear of that alley. However, people text their exes nonetheless. Sometimes for serious reasons, other times just to mess with their head, or simply because they are bored.

Here are thirty examples of why you should not text your ex after calling it quits. Or maybe if you are on the receiving end of the thread, you can take some #inspo and type a savage reply to end their game.

1. The Typical “Long Time, No Talk” People

You two broke up some time ago, and now your ex is trying to get back at you with this one text message. What will you do? How will you respond? What is the purpose of sending this message out of nowhere when the other person clearly knows nothing is left to talk about?

Still, some people won’t stop doing this, and this one person has a fantastic response to this type of text message from their ex.

2. The “Give Me Another Chance” Creep who Cheated on You

If you don’t want a relationship anymore, you should simply talk to your partner and let them know about your feelings and be honest about your feelings and priorities rather than keeping them in dark and cheating on them.

But, no. Many people hate confrontation, and some are just bad people who deliberately cheat on their partners out of habit or lack of morals.

Check out this woman’s response who didn’t fall for her ex’s dirty tricks and gave a reply as straightforward as straightforward could get.

3. The Ex Who’s Hasty and Wants Instant Replies

How do you feel about people who send a text message and expect the other person to leave everything and reply within seconds? Duh!

Look at this ex who, even after breaking up with his girlfriend, expected a quick reply for her.

4. The One Who Took Ages to Apologize

If you have done something wrong and messed up, it’s better to apologize as soon as possible before things get ruined forever. Just like everything else in life, timing is the key in relationships as well.

So, this guy took months before sending an apology message to his ex, and this is what she said to him.

5. The Toxic Bully Ex

Some people never grow up. They bully others to feel good about themselves. The insecure ones. Because people who love themselves and have even a little sense don’t mention others’ faults in the way this dude did, and that too after a breakup? Literally WTF!

6. Sorry, Not Sorry

If your ex tries to send you a manipulative text like this, you can try something like this to make them speechless. If you are sure that the other person is genuinely sorry, then we won’t endorse this behavior. However, if you are well aware of their manipulative nature, then you should definitely put a full stop to that nonsense.

7. A Simple ‘NO’ Would Suffice

Your ex wants to see you after parting ways and sends a message out of nowhere requesting a meet-up. What would be your reply?

It should be a simple NO!!!

8. The “You’re the Only Ex I Talk to” Clan

Why would you even talk to your ex after breaking up with them? To stay friends with them? Well, we don’t think that’s the case here.

Right, should definitely move on now.

9. The Ex With No Self-Respect

One should definitely wait after sending a text message and if you have an ex on the receiving end, then never bother sending a second text message in case they do not reply because no reply is also a reply, hon.

10. How are You Supposed to Answer This?

What would you say to an ex who texts you that they are having dreams about your mom?

Blocking may be the right answer because you definitely don’t need that kind of weirdness in your life.

11. Nice Try, Dude

This guy texted his former girlfriend and sent three messages, each with a gap of a few days. Eventually, when the girl replied and asked him the “who this” question, check out this guy’s response to her message.

12. Nightmare on the Ex Street

This man tried to lure his ex-friend into thinking they could get back together, and she had a lethal response for him.

13. Oh, Man, that Actually Backfired

This bloke tried to pull off that snobbish act by sending condescending messages to his ex-girlfriend. Instead of getting intimidated by his texts and losing her cool, the girl came back with some savage comebacks.

14. Now that definitely would have hurt

This man asked his girl if she wanted to be the sun in his life, and she excitedly replied yes; Little did she know that he was about to burst her bubble by asking her to stay away from him, just like the sun. Lol.

15. Oops, Please Come Prepared

One guy tried to win his girlfriend back by sending her a cheesy flirtatious text about her eyes. Unfortunately, he forgot her actual eye color and ended up with nothing but regret. But at least he gave it a shot, right?

16. Scary Watch, Please Avoid

In an attempt to give things another chance, this ex tried to remind their ex about their history and how they had a long history together, that they could even make a movie about their relationship.

But the other ex didn’t get carried away and called the movie a Horror film.

17. Okay, now that’s Rude

This guy ghosted his girlfriend, and instead of being ashamed of his doing and embarrassed of his behavior, he shamelessly texted her and asked if she had found a husband yet or not.

Wow, man, that audacity. What would you call such a person?

18. How many Times is ENOUGH?

A woman tried to shoo away her ex by giving a reminder that she asked her not to talk to her anymore. But instead of taking the clear hint and avoiding sending another message, he thought he should double check and ask her if he should never message her in like forever.

When she said he should not talk to her until she wanted to talk to him, he conceded and said that was fair.

Guess what? He messaged her again the very next day! Dude, you had one job, c’mon!

19. Nice Talking to Yourself

Nothing is more embarrassing than sending multiple text messages to a person and not getting a single reply from them. But some people literally have zero self-respect and won’t stop stooping low.

This guy texted her ex and sent eight messages within a span of three days, but she didn’t text him back. Not even a single message from her.

Would he send another message? We hope so!

20. Oh, He Switched Up Too Fast

Now what to do with exes like this particular one? One moment he was calling her a bitch, and then the very next moment, he started telling her how he missed her and still loved her. Wow, man. Not cool at all. Do better!

21. For Heaven’s Sake, NO, Please

This ex told their partner not to talk to them again and after eight whole months, sent another message and asked them if they were free to hang out with them.

22. That’s a Flip

A girl told her boyfriend she missed him, and instead of replying according to her expectations, he called this behavior funny. Clearly, he wasn’t interested and didn’t care if she missed him or not. But she snapped and told him that he was a complete a**hol*. For saying no to her? That’s toxic behavior, girl; you could do better. Please leave.

23. How to Get Rid of Toxic Ex 101

Ever had a toxic relationship in your life? I guess we all have had one, at some point in our lives. But how to get rid of a toxic person if they don’t leave you alone and keep messing with your mind?

You can take inspiration from this person who gave a savage shut-up call to their ex by telling them they are never free to meet up again.

24. He Should Be Sorry for More Than One Reason

A guy told his girlfriend that he was sorry for whatever wrong he did, and instead of wasting her words on him, this girl sent him this hilarious image, and he didn’t like it, of course.

25. Bye Bye, Never See You Again

A person texted their ex and said they just wanted to check and see if the ex is doing fine. Turned out that they were too fine without them and sent back four messages in a row. But no sweet replies; the plan didn’t go as expected.

26. Did Your Phone Send the Text Without Letting You Know?

A boy sent a good morning text message to his former girlfriend, and she replied with a “Hi” he said sorry for not being sure why that morning text message was sent to her.

This is her response….

27. Boy, You Just Got Laughed At

This sent his girlfriend a simple text message telling her he missed her. Looking at the girl’s response, it seems they didn’t end things positively. So, the girl laughed at him for whatever reasons she had. Well, we would still say if you did something wrong, why bother texting them again? You must know they would not entertain you and your manipulative attempts.

28. She is NO MORE, Joey. Forget Her

This guy named Joey texted his ex and asked if she was doing okay during the floods. The girl sent a first message asking who was texting her as she got a new phone. Duh, right!

When he told her his name, she sent another and even more brutal message. The girl told him she had drowned.

Well, the girl played well. Now Joey should stop texting her spirit if he is a sane person.

29. Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High

People won’t accept this, but they always stalk the person they are obsessed with – from checking their WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ and Online status to see if their Snapchat score is increasing.

This isn’t abnormal. Almost everyone does that, but it sounds abnormal if you have already broken up with the person. Well, not in the case of Snapchat, as this app notifies you if someone is typing in the chat box.

So, this boy asked his ex-girlfriend over text he saw her typing on Snapchat… he thought she would say something like they should get back together and whatnot!

But he burst his own bubble when she told him she was actually trying to block him. Oops, there goes your high hopes, man. Sorry!

30. Talk About Savage Comebacks

Don’t tell your ex that they have bad taste and low standards because, obviously, you were one of their choices in life at some point. So, by saying something like that, you basically insult yourself.

This woman made the same mistake and saw how her ex destroyed her with his brutal response.

31. Damn, That Hurts

This guy texted his ex-girlfriend to check up on her, and she ‘who dis-ed’ him. Thinking she might have lost her phone contacts or something, he introduced himself, and the girl’s response was hilarious.

He really didn’t see that coming, or did he?

32. Harsh But Fair

Some people don’t take hints and want a clear-cut answer. The kind of people who do not understand that ‘no answer is also an answer.’

So, this dude texted his ex and asked if she didn’t want to hang out with him. The girl’s response was a bit harsh but seemed fair because she revealed that she ignored his previous messages, indicating that she didn’t want to go out with him anymore.

33. The Ex With No Shame

What would you tell a guy you dated for some time in the past and then broke up with? You moved on, and they moved on as well and even got engaged. But one day, out of nowhere, they sent a message on your number, and that too at 4:50 am in the morning.

You politely ask them if they feel guilty for texting you, given that they have a fiancée. But instead of answering your question, they send another “Hey,” let alone feeling guilty.

Kudos to this girl, who again sent the same message and reminded him that he was engaged to another girl. In the end, the guy said, “ok.”

34. It’s Your Girlfriend’s Birthday, Man Focus On Her

Unbelievable. This bloke texted his ex while he was attending his new girlfriend’s birthday party, and instead of fully paying attention to her, he started texting his ex-girlfriend. When the ex reminded him that it was his new girl’s birthday, he told her it was not going well.

It should have gone well if he had his priorities straight and focused on his new girl instead of texting his ex.

35. The Audacity

Man broke up with his girlfriend to find another woman, and he still had the guts to question the choices of his ex.

He sent a message to his ex and asked why she still wore glasses and didn’t get contacts.

Whoa, man, first off, that is none of your business. Secondly, why do you care when you are not even with her anymore? Thirdly, you left your ex to be with a new woman and still think about her and her priorities? That’s weird, for sure.

36. And That’s How You Deal With an Ex

A man sent a message to his ex-fiancée and reminded her of their relationship and how he always wanted her to be a part of his life.

He also quoted a line from the famous Gotye song, “Somebody That I Used To Know.”

However, the ex-fiancée had a fantastic response to his message.

She really made him speechless. Didn’t she?

37. Not Today, Satan

Why make it uncomfortable for the other person who has already moved on after ending things with you? You shouldn’t!

This ex texted his former partner to check up on her, and this is what she had to say….

The girl literally spoke from the heart.

38. Better Luck Next Time

The girl literally spoke from the heart.

This man texted his ex and told her he was missing her because they had a chat the other day. It appears as if the couple just broke up one day ago, and the guy texted the very next day to see if she had already moved on from him.

Well, she did. Look what she said to him.

38. He Doesn’t Wanna Talk, Hon

A girl texted her ex and asked if he wanted to talk. But the guy was not interested and said he didn’t. He also asked her to specify what did she want to talk about.

Move on, girl. He is not interested!

39. Never O’ Clock, Baby

A woman texted her ex during the lockdown when the entire world shut down due to the pandemic and everyone was homebound. she asked him if there was a good time to chat with him. However, she met with disappointment as the ex was not up for a chat. Not only on that particular day, but he wanted her to stop texting him, altogether.

40. Bumblin’ Forward, No Look Backs

A man texted his ex and asked her if the woman he saw on Bumble, the dating app was her. Looking at her first message, she clearly didn’t want to talk to him. But he asked again if she was the woman he saw on the dating app.

She savagely replied to him that it was her and that she was meeting all sorts of cool people on the app who didn’t suck like him.

The conversation became awkward, and the man texted again and said it was good to know she was meeting new people.

41. That Was Probably A Goodbye Kiss

An ex sent a kiss emoji to their former partner and this is what they have got to say.

Don’t bother dude, this ship has been sailed.

42. Right Answer

Why would you try to send a dirty or flirtatious message to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend?

Do you actually think they would play along and you’d get what you are looking for?

The answer is no. No sane person in their right state of mind would do that. So, stop embarrassing yourself and go where you are appreciated.

43. Too Late

This girl texted her ex-boyfriend and asked about his life without her. Poor girl didn’t know she had stopped existing in his world long ago, and he didn’t even have her number saved in his phone anymore.

The ex asked who was texting him because he didn’t have the number saved. The girl tried to cover up the awkward situation and said, “no worries, she will do the same.”

But it was too late to say something like that. Girl, you should not have texted him in the first place.

44. Sounds Like A Good Plan

How would you react if your ex told you that they could not stop thinking about you and you were always in their thoughts?

Well, it depends on your situation, the circumstances in which you two broke up. But if things ended on a terrible note – they had cheated on you, gaslighted you, and ruined your life with their betrayal, your reaction must be as strong and loud as their betrayal.

This guy texted his ex-wife and told her he could not get her out of his head. And she responded with a bitter reality check.

Not sure if he felt guilty after reading her message, but good for the girl that she got rid of him.

45. Excellent BURN

This man tried to be cool and asked her ex-girlfriend if she was working the same job she used to do when they were together.

She responded to his message but came up with a brutal response – she not only called him a garbage person but also sent a picture of garbage on fire.

Her message was well received and even understood. Check out this guy’s response.

We are sure he will never text her again!

46. This User Does NOT Exist

No need to send those yearly messages after you become an Ex. Even if you are not exes and were friends at some point in your life but are no longer on talking terms – you still don’t send these “Happy New Year” and “Merry Christmas” messages on different occasions throughout the year.

Get a life and unsubscribe. Do something better!

47. Now They Both Know

Apologizing for your mistakes is always better, but it’s even better if you vow never to repeat them because “an apology without changed behavior is just manipulation.”

So, this guy told the woman he just broke up with that he was not a good guy and did not deserve her. He obviously said what he said to win her back by showing himself guilty. However, the woman learned her lesson and told him he was right. She deserved better, which is why she decided to move on.

Good Riddance!

48. Absolutely Not

Do not contact your ex if you just got out of a toxic relationship and want to keep your peace intact. Don’t respond if they try to reach out to you. That’s for your own good.

However, if you are a strong person and can deal with heartaches with maturity and have the tendency to leave things behind, then go ahead – maybe text back once if they contact you and make sure they don’t even think about sending you another message to mess with your mind.

49. Speechless?

That’s an excellent approach to dealing with a toxic ex who wasted an entire decade of your life. Ten years is a huge deal, and it’s really sad that people waste the golden years of their life for a person who doesn’t appreciate a genuinely good person while they still have the chance.

So, this guy asked his ex about what she wanted for her birthday, and her reply was if he could give her back the last ten years of her life.

She made him go wow, and he had nothing else to say.

50. Nope Means NOPE

You want her to move on from your betrayal and toxicity? Nope, she can’t, and she won’t!

So, save yourself from further humiliation and leave her alone because she just Nope-ed you!

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