6 Blatant Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You With Your Best Friend

When you have your boyfriend cheats on you, it can be a very horrible situation to deal with as it is. However, imagine having your boyfriend cheat on you with your best friend? That’s the kind of betrayal that just hurts a hundredfold. You have two people who you trust on a very deep and intimate basis. And they both choose to betray you. if you are unfortunate enough to have these things happen to you, then you are going to be in for a world of hurt. But you know the part that hurts the most? It’s the shock of it all. It’s when it catches you by surprise. That’s what really hurts.

That’s why you always want to be on top of the things that are going on in your relationship. If you stay on top of the things, then you can avoid being blindsided completely. Here are a few signs that your boyfriend is actually cheating on you with your own best friend.

1. He has casually mentioned that she’s pretty at least once.

Naturally, you might not really think much of it if your boyfriend says that a particular girl is pretty. But when it’s a girl he’s going to be interacting with consistently, you might have to be worried.

2. He has asked you about her relationship status.

He has asked you about what your best friend is actually dealing with. He’s interested in whether she’s in a committed relationship with someone or not. And he seems far more interested than he should be.

3. She has gushed about him to you before.

You notice that in at least one or two conversations in the past, your best friend has made a complimentary remark about your boyfriend. You might not have thought about it at the moment, but it all makes sense in the end.

4. He has a tendency to ask about her a lot.

He seems to be always talking about your best friend. He’s always asking about how she’s doing and what she’s up to. And you can tell that he’s just not trying to make conversation with you. He has a suspicious interest in her.

5. He acts unusually weird whenever he’s around the two of you.

Whenever you’re in a situation where the three of you are together, you notice that he’s just acting really weird – in ways that he doesn’t really act when he’s around other people. You can tell that something is just off.

6. You know your best friend to be the type of person who cheats.

You know your best friend all too well. You know your best friend’s past and history. You know your best friend’s tendencies. And that’s why you also know that it’s highly likely that your best friend wouldn’t be above getting into an affair with your best friend.

BUT WHAT IF HE’S CHEATING WITH SOMEONE ELSE? Here are 7 more signs that you need to take note of:

1. He makes an effort to hide his phone from you.

He wants to hide his phone because he knows that all of the incriminating evidence is going to be found there. He knows that all of the proof of his infidelity is going to be found on his phone. And he doesn’t want to be found out.

2. He seems more nervous and anxious when he’s around you.

You get the sense that the air of the room is just different whenever he’s around you. You feel like he’s always nervous and anxious. That’s a telltale sign that he’s definitely trying to hide something from you.

3. He seems to be acting differently now.

He has a sudden change in personality and behavior. If you notice that your guy is acting differently all of a sudden, it could be because he’s acting uncharacteristically in your relationship.

4. He doesn’t initiate sex with you anymore.

He doesn’t really do anything for your sexual life anymore. He doesn’t seem interested in having sex with you because he’s already getting sexual satisfaction and stimulation from someone else. That’s why he doesn’t look to you for sex anymore.

5. He makes a better effort to groom himself.

He’s trying to look really good. He’s trying to make an effort to actually be presentable. However, it’s not for you. It’s definitely for someone else. And you should really be worried about the state of your relationship.

6. He acts really sketchy about how he’s spending his money.

He hasn’t been so open to you about his spending habits. He tries to act really secretive about his recent transactions because he will not want you to know what he’s been up to.

7. Your instincts are telling you that something is up.

Listen to your gut. Listen to your instincts. They’re only there to protect you after all.

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